BhagyaLakshmi 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode with Rishi pleading with Neelam not to break her relationship with him. Rishi asks Dadi to talk to Virendra and says Virendra will listen to her. Dadi asks Rishi how can she say Virendra forgives him as he destroyed their family reputation. Rishi asks Dadi to hit her if she wants. Rishi begs Dadi on his knees not to break their relationship with him.

Neha tries to convince Lakshmi to marry Balwinder. Neha asks Lakshmi what is wrong with Balwinder. Neha says to Lakshmi that she can marry whoever she wants if she doesn’t want to marry Balwinder. Rano asks Neha to shut up and says to Lakshmi not to mind Neha’s words. Rano says no one is pressuring her.

Shalu and Bani also say Rishi and Lakshmi will be together soon. Rano reminds them that Neelam and Karishma and says they don’t want Rishi and Lakshmi to be together. Neha pleads with Lakshmi not to destroy her life. Lakshmi says nobody’s life is going to be spoiled because of her. Neelam pleads with Rishi and Virendra to forgive and says he is ready to accept any punishment. Karishma makes Rishi get up. She asks Virendra to forgive Rishi.

Karishma says Rishi might have made a mistake and reminds Virendra that Malsihka and Rishi are going to marry so they might have crossed the line. Ayush defends Rishi saying to Karishma that Rishi would never do anything like this. Karishma asks Ayush to shut up and says Rishi admitted his mistake because he did it. Ayush says he doesn’t know why Rishi admitted his mistake but he knows that Rishi would not do something like this.

While Karishma and Ayush are arguing about Rishi. Virendra gets fed up and says it’s enough. Virendra says he can never forgive Rishi. Neelam also says the same. Karishma pleads on behalf of Rishi. Virendra says if Malishka is dead then Rishi might have gone to jail. Virendra asks Rishi if he can remove the stain on their reputation. Neelam also says she can never forgive Rishi. Karishma tries to plead for Rishi but Neelam doesn’t listen to Karishma.

Shalu asks Lakshmi why did she say like that to Neha? Shalu asks Lakshmi if she is going to marry another one. Lakshmi reminds Shalu and Bani that she is bigger than both of them. Lakshmi says she is going to make her own life decisions. Shalu and Bani say they never stop her from making her life decisions. Shalu asks Lakshmi to answer her if she is going to marry another one or not.

Karishma asks Neelam and Virendra to forgive Rishi. Neelam says they are going to allow Rishi to stay in this house but they will not talk to him. Neelam and Virendra leave there. Karishma says to Rishi that everything will be fine. Karishma thinks there is only one way to make Neelam and Virendra forgive Rishi.

Lakshmi says to Shalu that she will think of what they said. Lakshmi thinks to herself she has to do something so that nobody will suffer because of her. Rano comes to Balwinder and argues with him. Balwinder offers money to Rano to make Lakshmi marry him. Rano asks Balwinder to first bring her the money that he promised. Balwinder agrees and leaves from there.

Ayush helps Rishi come to his room. Rishi says to Ayush that he wants to be alone. Rishi recalls what happened and wishes to be everything like before. Rishi comes to meet Lakshmi.

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