BhagyaLakshmi 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Kiran asking Malishka, “Where is she going? Malishka says she is going to work. Kiran asks Malishka, “Why does she need work? Malishka says she is going to Rishi’s house to keep Lakshmi away from Rishi, i.e., her job, and shares with Kiran how she feels. Malishka leaves from there. Dadi brings Lakshmi into the kitchen and also asks Lakshmi to make kheer for her today.

Dadi asks Suhani, the maid, to help Lakshmi and says Lakshmi is going to cook the food today. Dadi says to Lakshmi that she is going to enjoy her food today. Lakshmi says to Dadi that she has to take care of her diabetes. Dadi reminds Lakshmi that she is there to take care of her. Dadi leaves from there. Lakshmi asks Suhani what there is in the kitchen to cook.

BhagyaLakshmi 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update
BhagyaLakshmi 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Rishi looks at the paper flower that Lakshmi gave him for Valentine’s. Ayush sees Rishi holding a paper flower and smiles, and she teases him. Ayush asks Rishi why he is smiling. On Valentine’s Day, Lakshmi, according to Rishi, gave him this paper flower. Ayush’s hearing this teases Rishi even more. Rishi asks Ayush to go to the office and sends him out of his room.

Lakshmi asks Suhani for something, and she goes to get it. Rishi sees Lakshmi having trouble while cooking because her hair is interfering. Rishi helps Lakshmi with her hair. Lakshmi asks Rishi, “What is he doing? Rishi teases Lakshmi. Rishi compliments Lakshmi, saying she is looking really good while working. Rishi asks Lakshmi why she didn’t get angry at him. Lakshmi asks if she should get angry.

Rishi says no. Rishi says he talked to Venky and Pinky, and they apologized to him for what happened at the party and said they would make sure to verify the guys that they bring next time. A coconut falls on the ground while they are talking. Rishi and Lakshmi try to pick it up, but they both fall to the ground. Rishi takes the coconut and doesn’t give it to Lakshmi, and he teases her. Malishka sees them and asks Lakshmi to get up.

Malishka slaps Lakshmi and accuses Lakshmi of trying to trap Rishi. Rishi says to Malishka that she is crossing her limits. Malishka asks Rishi to shut up. Rishi slaps Malishka. Malishka comes out of her daydream and leaves there. Rishi gives the coconut to Lakshmi. Rishi helps Lakshmi and says if she wears a western outfit, then the saree will not trouble her. Lakshmi says she doesn’t like wearing a western dress. Rishi says it doesn’t matter as she looks best in a saree. Rishi leaves from there.

Rishi asks Malishka, “When did she come, and why is she angry? Malishka asks Rishi to ask this question himself, and he will get the answer. Malishka asks Rishi if he was in the kitchen. Malishka asks Rishi what he was doing in the kitchen with Lakshmi. Rishi asks Malishka to stop doubting him. Malishka asks Rishi to stop giving her a chance to doubt him. Malishka and Rishi argue about Lakshmi. Neelam overhears their argument and leaves from there. Malishka asks Rishi to perform Lakshmi’s marriage soon. Rishi says he wants the best guy for Lakshmi. Rishi and Malishka argue for a while. Rishi leaves from there.

Neelam thinks to herself that if Malishka always argues like this with Rishi, then she will create trouble for herself. Ayush completes his work. Shalu calls Ayush. Ayush’s seeing Shalu call him teases her. Ayush and Shalu talk for a while. Shalu asks, “How is Lakshmi in the house?” Lakshmi said she would talk to her but she didn’t. Ayush says Lakshmi is fine and he is in the office. Ayush later teases Shalu. Shalu calls him Jalla and cuts the call.

Devika comes to the kitchen and praises Lakshmi’s cooking after smelling the food she cooked. Lakshmi asks Devika to taste it. Devika tastes the food and compliments Lakshmi even more. Malishka sees this and thinks to herself that she has a habit of trying to impress Rishi, so today she will do something to Lakshmi that no one might have thought of, and she thinks Rishi will run away seeing Lakshmi.


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