BhagyaLakshmi 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Malishka asking Rishi if he will marry her or not. Rishi says to Malishka that his and Lakshmi’s relationship will never be broken. Malishka asks Rishi then what about her and what happened that night? Malishka asks Rishi if what happened that night is love or not. Malishka shows Lakshmi’s photo and says she is his past and she went away.

Malishka asks Rishi to go and tell everyone that he wants to marry her. Malishka plays the victim of that night and asks Rishi to make a decision. Malishka throws her phone in frustration. Sonal asks Malishka to calm down. Sonal says Neelam will do something. Malishka says Neelam only hopes and doesn’t do anything. Sonal says then they will do something. Sonal promises Malishka that she will make Rishi hers.

BhagyaLakshmi 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Malishka says if Sonal is not able to do what she says then she will kill herself. Malishka leaves from there. Rishi thinks if Lakshmi was with him then Lakshmi would never allow him to be sad and recalls how Lakshmi used to make him laugh. Rishi thinks about what happened to himself as he thinks of Lakshmi all the time even when she is not here.

Neelam comes to meet Rishi. Neelam says to Rishi that he should be happy as Lakshmi is out of his life and Malishka is coming into his life. Rishi reminds Neelam that he is married. Neelam reminds Rishi that he is divorced. Neelam asks Rishi if he loves Malishka or not. Rishi stays silent. Neelam says she is shocked as Rishi changed this way because of Lakshmi.

Neelam says she just wants to hear him say yes to the marriage and says he has to marry Malishka and leaves from there. Rishi thinks everyone is just ordering him around and thinks he will only do what he wants and says he will not marry Malishka. Shalu comes and says to Lakshmi that Ayush called her and says Neelam and Kiran decided to marry Malishka and Rishi. Lakshmi stays silent hearing this. Shalu asks Lakshmi if she is not hurt by what Shalu said.

Lakshmi asks Shalu why she needs to be hurt and says they are already divorced and says Rishi used to love Malishka even before she came. Shalu says she will go and talk to Rishi. Lakshmi says she will not do anything like that. Lakshmi asks Rishi why is she going against her this time. Shalu says to Lakshmi that she listens to her all the time and asks Lakshmi to listen to Shalu this time.

Rishi packs his bag and decides to write a letter so that no one will search for him. Lakshmi recalls her moments with Rishi. Balwinder sees the Mangalsutra and says to himself that once he puts this mangalsutra in Lakshmi’s neck then Lakshmi will be his forever. Guddu advises Balwinder to forget about Lakshmi as she can never be his Lakshmi loves Rishi so much that she might live alone for the rest of her life but she will not think of other men.

BhagyaLakshmi 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Balwinder says to Guddu that he will force Lakshmi to be his and says then Lakshmi will become Lakshmi Balwinder Sood. Rishi apologizes to Neelam and Virendra in his heart as he is leaving the house without telling them. Devika sees a shadow of Rishi and thinks it is a thief and shouts thief.

Rishi stops Devika and says he is leaving the house as he doesn’t want to marry Malishka. Devika agrees. Rishi tries to leave but Neelam sees him and asks Rishi if Lakshmi asked him to do this. Rishi says he wanted to leave the house as he doesn’t want to marry Malishka and says if she forces him to marry Malishka then she will leave the house

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