BhagyaLakshmi 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Pinky showing Lakshmi to the marriage proposal guys and saying they can meet her one by one. One of the guys decides to go and meet Lakshmi. Ayush comes and asks Lakshmi, “Why is she not dancing?” Lakshmi stays silent. The guy comes and says to Lakshmi that Venky sent him. The guy asks Ayush and Shalu if he can talk to Lakshmi alone. Ayush and Shalu leave there. The guy talks to Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu wonder when this will end. Ayush says Rishi will end it soon.

The guy tries to flirt with Lakshmi and talks badly about Rishi. Lakshmi says Rishi is a good guy and reminds the guy that he is here because of him. The guy asks Lakshmi to come and dance with him. Lakshmi says she doesn’t want to dance. But the guy still insists on it and holds her hand. Rishi comes and asks the guy to leave Lakshmi’s hand. The man inquires about Rishi’s identity and requests that he intervene between them. Rishi makes a remark about him. Rishi punches the guy. The guy tries to hit back, but Venky stops him.

BhagyaLakshmi 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update
BhagyaLakshmi 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pinky slaps the guy for his misbehavior with Lakshmi and asks him to leave. Pinky and Venky apologize to Rishi and say his profile matched Rishi’s wishes, but they didn’t cross-check it and they made a mistake. Rishi says not to worry. Venky and Pinky take their leave. Lakshmi tries to leave, but Rishi stops Lakshmi and says the guy went away and there is no need for her to spoil her mood because of an idiot. Ayush also encourages Lakshmi to stay here. Ayush calls Lakshmi Babs. Rishi asks Ayush about it. Ayush says something about it.

Richa says there is a surprise for everyone, but before that, there is a game. Richa says everyone has to wear masks; they will be given a task, and they have to do it. Everyone agrees. Balwinder is shown to be coming to Oberoi Mansion with a mask. Richa says someone has taken the numbers. Harleen declares that she will accept the numbers and tasks. Richa gives the bowl to Dadi. The game starts, and a few guests participate in it. After a few guests, Dadi takes Karishma and Rano’s numbers.

Now Virendra selects a task for them, i.e., they have to praise each other. Rano and Karishma scolded each other. Ayush reminds them that they have to praise each other and not scold each other. Karishma and Rano praise each other, even if they don’t like each other. They complete the task. Balwinder reaches the party and thinks everyone is wearing a mask; how can he find Lakshmi? Kamli also reaches the Oberoi mansion and puts on a mask to hide her face from Balwinder. Kamli decides to warn Lakshmi about Balwinder.

After that, Dadi takes Neelam’s no and Lakshmi’s no. Lakshmi says her phone number is 11, and she stands next to Neelam. Rishi assigns a task to someone other than Neelam and Lakshmi. Rishi, seeing the task, says they have to stop this task. Malishka looks at the task and says it’s ok; it’s just a task. Neelam asks Malishka, “What is the task?”


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