BhagyaLakshmi 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Abhay saying to the Oberois that he called Pandit to fix a date for Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Virendra says today is not possible. Dadi says today is Lakshmi’s wedding, and the whole family is going to it. Abhay says that he will then tell the Pandit to come tomorrow. Karishma also says they need to arrange Rishi and Malishka’s marriage as quickly as possible. Malishka thinks Rishi is even thinking about Lakshmi if she is going to marry Balwinder today.

Malishka tries to take the photo album from Rishi, but he doesn’t allow it, and in the struggle, the photo album gets torn. Shalu and Bani talk about Lakshmi marrying Balwinder. Shalu thinks this is all Rano’s drama to make Lakshmi marry Balwinder. Kamli comes to Rano’s house to meet Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani say to Kamli that Lakshmi went outside. Shalu says to Kamli that today is Lakshmi’s marriage. Kamli is taken aback when she hears this and decides to leave.

BhagyaLakshmi 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rishi apologizes to Malishka as she falls to the floor in the struggle. Malishka reminds Rishi that there is no need to think about Lakshmi anymore as they are divorced. Rishi says to Malishka that he can’t forget Lakshmi, as he still thinks of her as his friend. Malishka asks Rishi, “then what about her?” Malishka asks Rishi if he will do the same thing as he did to Lakshmi. Malishka hugs Rishi and says she loves him. Rishi consoles Malishka. Malishka gets out of her daydream and sees that Rishi is picking up the photos without caring about her. Ayush believes he must persuade Rishi because he is the only person who can prevent Lakshmi from marrying.

Kamli thinks Lakshmi deceived her and curses Lakshmi, saying she will never be happy. Lakshmi comes and asks Kamli, “What happened?” Kamli scolds Lakshmi, thinking she deceived her. Lakshmi gives clarity to Kamli, saying she came here to give her justice and that if she wanted to deceive her, she wouldn’t have come here. Lakshmi reminds Kamli of what Balwinder is like and asks Kamli if she still wants to marry Balwinder. Kamli says no matter who Balwinder is, she already thinks of him as her husband.

Balwinder gets dressed up as a groom and praises himself by looking at himself in the mirror. Kamli says to Lakshmi that she went to her house and they told her she was going to marry Balwinder. Lakshmi claims she didn’t tell anyone so that no one would find out. Kamli apologizes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says to Kamli that she is going to call her when the time is right and give Kamli her place. Lakshmi asks Kamli to stay in the marriage surroundings and asks Kamli to come when she gives the signal. Kamli says this is also her last chance to get justice for herself and her child.

Rishi puts the marriage album in the drawer. Ayush comes to talk to Rishi but sees Malishka and stops talking. Malishka, seeing Ayush leave, follows. Balwinder’s Chachi performs an evil eye-warding ritual for him. Balwinder does the warding off evil eye ritual for himself with the money, gives the money to Guddu, and tells him to donate it to the poor. Guddu says he is also poor. Balwinder’s Chachi tells Balwinder not to do anything inauspicious. Balwinder agrees and leaves from there.

Ayush sees the photo on the ground and asks Rishi if he’s thinking of Lakshmi. Rishi stays silent. Ayush tries to convince Rishi to stop Lakshmi’s marriage, but Rishi says he will not do it. Lakshmi tries to convince Shalu and Bani to come to the marriage, but they say they will not. Rano also asks them not to come. Rano says to Lakshmi that she needs to get ready at the function hall as the wedding dress is there. Neha gets ready and comes to Rano. Balwinder dances, as it is his marriage. Lakshmi makes Shalu and Bani swear on her and says if they don’t come, she will be alone. Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi.

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