BhagyaLakshmi 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ayush asking Sonia if she is Malishka’s sidekick. Lakshmi tries to tell Ayush. Sonia asks Lakshmi not to speak when they are talking. Sonia asks Ayush to stay within his limits. Virendra comes and asks, “What is going on?” Ayush says they are finding a match for Lakshmi. Rishi says they will find a good match for Lakshmi.

Virendra says to Rishi that if he hadn’t made a mistake, he wouldn’t have allowed them to be separated. Neelam tells Karishma that if there is a conspiracy, it will be Lakshmi’s. Neelam says she is only bearing Lakshmi because of Rishi. Malishka comes and asks Neelam what is going on and if Rishi will really marry her or not.

BhagyaLakshmi 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Neelam assures Malishka that Rishi will marry her. Rishi prepares the list of what he wants in a guy for Lakshmi’s match. Lakshmi looks at the list and asks Rishi if it is possible for this kind of guy to exist. Rishi says they will find the best guy for her. Lakshmi argues with Rishi about this. But Rishi assures Lakshmi that he will find a good match for her.

Neelam assures Malishka that Rishi will marry her and asks Malishka not to feel insecure too much. Neelam says if she is feeling insecure, then she is doubting Neelam also. Malishka says she would never doubt Neelam and says she is alive only because of her. Karishma asks Malishka why she is feeling insecure. Malishka questions Karishma on how she can be insecure when she sees Rishi and Lakshmi together. Malishka sobs as she says this. Karishma consoles Lakshmi.

Rishi says to Lakshmi that every guy wants to marry a woman like her. Rishi says if she marries someone, the guy will win the lottery. Rishi asks Lakshmi to allow him to find the lucky guy for her. Rishi leaves from there. Malishka comes and asks Rishi, “What is so special about Lakshmi?” Rishi says Lakshmi is the best, and there can never be another one like her. Malishka says to Rishi that if Lakshmi were the best, her marriage wouldn’t have broken. Malishka asks Rishi if he would have married Lakshmi if he didn’t marry Malishka. Rishi stays silent.

Shalu worries about Rishi searching for a match for Lakshmi and asks Ayush about it. Ayush teases Shalu and says Rishi will marry Lakshmi, and he asks Shalu to trust him. Malishka overhears them talking. Shalu tells Ayush that Rishi wants to marry Malishka. Ayush says Rishi wants to marry Malishka because of the mistake.

Lakshmi sprains her ankle. Rishi comes and sees that Lakshmi has sprained her ankle. Rishi carries Lakshmi in his arms and puts her on the bed. Shalu says she knows that, and Rishi also admitted that he made the mistake. She asks Ayush how they can prove that Rishi didn’t commit the mistake. Ayush comments on it. Shalu says it’s late and she has to go. Ayush says he will drop her. Shalu agrees. Malishka thinks Ayush and Shalu might trouble her.

Lakshmi questions Rishi about his return. Rishi says he has gone to bring this spray. Rishi sprays medicine on Lakshmi’s ankle. Rishi helps Lakshmi massage her ankle. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave. Rishi comments on it and says he will massage her. Karishma sees Rishi giving massages to Lakshmi. Karishma decides to talk to Lakshmi later.

Abhay gets to learn what happened from Kiran. Abhay asks Kiran what she was doing when all this happened. Kiran says she talked to Neelam about it, but there is no use. Abhay is perplexed as to why Rishi wishes to perform Lakshmi’s marriage. Malishka appears and informs Abhay that Lakshmi is the true Makesh Dosh in her life because she never leaves her and returns to their lives. Abhay tries to console Malishka. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave. But Rishi doesn’t, so Lakshmi throws pillows at Rishi and asks him to leave. Rishi, upon seeing this, departs from there.

Malishka says to Kiran and Abhay that she is losing hope that Rishi will be hers again and says she is thinking of committing suicide. Kiran asks Malishka not to think like that. Abhay says they have to do something and says he will take care of Lakshmi. Malishka feels hopeful after hearing this. Malishka hugs Abhay. Karishma calls someone and asks if Harry’s marriage happened or not. Karishma gets the news that it didn’t happen. Karishma feels happy hearing this and says there is a match for Harry, and the name of the girl is Lakshmi.


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