BhagyaLakshmi 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Malishka asking Ayush if he wants to marry Rishi and Lakshmi again. Ayush says yes. Malishka asks Ayush if he is dreaming of Rishi marrying Lakshmi. Ayush says yes. Rishi reminds Ayush that he asked him not to talk about this matter anymore. Ayush apologizes to Rishi and says he can’t change his opinion. Neelam reminds Ayush that no one asked for his opinion. Rishi asks Ayush to leave. Leela asks Dadi if she can ask a question. Dadi agrees.

Leela asks Rishi why he divorced Lakshmi. Rishi says he divorced Lakshmi simply because he doesn’t deserve her. Leela gets shocked by Rishi’s answer. Malishka reminds Leela that her only job is to find a good guy for Lakshmi. Leela asks Malishka, “Who is she?” Malishka introduces herself as Rishi’s fiancé. Leela says she will meet Lakshmi next time. Leela leaves there. Neelam says to Rishi that she only wants one thing, i.e., to complete Lakshmi’s marriage as quickly as possible.

BhagyaLakshmi 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Shalu decides to decorate the room, but Lakshmi stops her and reminds her that she is a guest there. Ayush comes to Lakshmi and Shalu while dancing. Lakshmi asks Ayush why he is dancing. Ayush says to Shalu that Rishi prepared a big list to find a match for Lakshmi, and it is impossible to find that kind of guy. Ayush and Shalu realize it is impossible to find the kind of woman that Rishi wants, so Rishi has to marry Lakshmi. Leela runs into other matchmakers that Rishi called. Leela talks with them and wishes them all the best. Leela leaves there.

Neelam says to Rishi that Lakshmi’s marriage should happen as quickly as possible. Neelam says to Rishi that they will do Lakshmi’s marriage beautifully, and they will also do Kanyadaan this time. Karishma asks Neelam, “Why do they need to do all this?” Neelam says if Lakshmi is leaving the house, then they have to be happy, and she comments on it. Dadi also comments on what Neelam said. Dadi says to Rishi that the guy he finds for Lakshmi has to be the best. Rishi agrees and says that’s why he called another matchmaker.

Rishi invites Venky and Pinky, the new matchmakers. They ask Rishi if they should find a match for him. Rishi says they should find a good match for Lakshmi. Venky and Pinky tell Rishi that he and Lakshmi are ideal partners. They claim to have influenced Venky and Pinky in their decision to get married. Venky praises Rishi as he is looking for a match for Lakshmi.

Balwinder thinks to himself about how to take revenge on Lakshmi. Guddu comes and congratulates Balwinder on having married Kamli. Balwinder lashes out at Guddu and blames him for what happened in his marriage. Guddu asks Balwinder to forget what happened. Balwinder says Lakshmi made a fool out of him and says he is going to take revenge for what they did. Guddu reminds Balwinder that whatever he plans, he must keep Kamli in the dark. as Kamli might help Lakshmi. Balwinder agrees. Balwinder asks Guddu to call Malishka. Balwinder later decides to meet Malishka face-to-face.

Rishi says to Venky and Pinky that they need to find a good match for Lakshmi. Rishi says to Venky and Pinky what qualities he needs in a guy for Lakshmi. They listen to Rishi’s description. Venky asks Rishi to get up and makes him stand beside Lakshmi, saying they are the perfect couple. Neelam and Karishma talk about what Rishi is thinking. Karishma says to Neelam that this might be a conspiracy between Rishi and Lakshmi. Neelam reminds Karishma that Rishi is her son, and that he will never do cheap tricks like conspiring against others.

Pinky says now they just need to find a replacement for Rishi. Ayush has Malishka Stka stand beside Rishi and inquires about Venky and Pinkyw’s relationship. Along with Rishi, she inquires about Venky and Pinky’s relationship. When Pinky sees Malishka and Rishi together, she says they’re just an okay couple. Venky and Pinky leave there. Malishka accuses Rishi of doing this on purpose to humiliate her. Ayush comments on it. Sonia says Ayush is Lakshmi’s sidekick. Ayush asks Sonia if she is Malishka’s sidekick. Ayush laughs at Sonia


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