BhagyaLakshmi 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rishi coming to the hospital reception. The nurse asks Rishi if he is the patient’s husband. Rishi says no. Does the nurse ask what the patient means to him? Rishi says everything. Rishi looks at Lakshmi from outside the ICU. Shalu worries about not having any news about Lakshmi. Ayush calls Shalu and says there is bad news for her.

Shalu thinks Lakshmi’s marriage got fixed. Ayush asks Shalu to stop worrying and says Lakshmi’s marriage is unresolved. Ayush says to Shalu that there was a fire in the hotel that Rishi and Lakshmi went to. Rishi took Lakshmi to a hospital, and everyone was OK. Shalu asks Ayush in which hospital is Lakshmi in? Ayush says they don’t know and will inform her after he knows. Shalu agrees. Bani asks Shalu what happened. Shalu says to Bani what happened.

Rishi recalls what happened with Lakshmi till now. The doctor asks the nurse to take Lakshmi for a few tests. Rishi asks the doctor what happened. The doctor says he gave Lakshmi an injection, but she is not conscious, so they are doing a few tests to check for any problem in her brain. The doctor tells Rishi to calm down and leaves from there. Malishka sees Rishi’s car and worries about Rishi. Malishka sees that Rishi and Malishka are not in the car and thinks that Lakshmi is an unlucky girl, i.e., in Rishi’s life.

The doctor comes to Rishi and says that because Lakshmi got injured in the head, they need to do an operation, and there is a risk in this operation and says Lakshmi might go into a coma forever or Lakshmi might forget everything. Rishi asks the doctor to give the best treatment to Lakshmi and not worry about the money; he will take care of it. The doctor urges Rishi to handle himself and leaves from there. The hospital staff takes Lakshmi into the operating theatre.

Virendra tries to get information about where reishi is. Neelam worries about Rishi. Dadi asks Neelam why she is worrying about Rishi. Dadi reminds Neelam that Rishi took Lakshmi to a hospital, so Rishi is fine—Neelam comments on it. Malishka calls Neelam and says Rishi’s car got into an accident. Does Neelam ask Malishka where Rishi is? Malishka says Rishi isn’t there and hopes that Rishi will be fine.

Neelam says Rishi will not be accepted until Lakshmi is in his life. Neelam cuts the call. Neelam tells the family that Rishi’s car got into an accident and blames Lakshmi for it. Rishi asks the nurse how Lakshmi is. The nurse says the operation will still take some time and asks them to wait until then. Ayush tells Neelam and his family that a guy brought an unconscious girl to the health hospital.

Ayush says there might be a high chance that they might be Rishi and Lakshmi. Neelam and their family decide to go to the health hospital and find out whether it is Rishi. Rishi recalls the doctor’s words. Rishi looks at himself in the mirror and blames himself for Lakshmi’s situation, as he could never keep Lakshmi happy till now. Rishi looks at himself in the mirror and scolds himself. Rishi cries to himself. Rishi, after some time, washes his face and recalls how Lakshmi saved him all the time.


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