BhagyaLakshmi 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update

BhagyaLakshmi 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arav and Arundhati asking Malishka, “How is she? Malishka says she is fine and says Rishi is bringing Lakshmi out right now. Malishka sees that Rishi is taking Lakshmi directly to his car and tries to go after Rishi. Rishi puts Lakshmi in the car and leaves from there. Malishka sees this and tries to go after Rishi.

Dadi asks Ayush why he is silent. Ayush says it is because of Lakshmi. Dadi corrects his mistake by saying it should be for Lakshmi. Ayush comments on it. Ayush asks Dadi to pray to God that the guy who came to meet Lakshmi is a little mature and that he can see that Lakshmi only loves Rishi and no one else.

Malishka, while driving her car, thinks of what happened and feels thankful for Lakshmi, as she saved Malishka’s life. Rishi worries about Lakshmi and recalls her moments with him. Rishi asks Lakshmi why she always thinks of others before herself. Rishi says he gives more importance to her life than his own and says he will never know when she will understand this. Rishi, while driving the car, met with an accident and collided with a tree. Rishi sees that Lakshmi is still unconscious and gets out of his car to look for help.

Rishi doesn’t get any help. Rishi decides to carry Lakshmi in her arms. Rishi, while carrying Lakshmi, sees that her legs are burned. Rishi recalls himself gifting Lakshmi a pajal as she helped with a presentation. Rishi teases Lakshmi and gifts a payal to Lakshmi. Rishi looks at Lakshmi’s legs and says she looks good. Lakshmi says she doesn’t wear Payal and also gives a reason for it. Rishi takes off the Payal. Rishi feels guilty looking at Lakshmi’s feet. Rishi puts Lakshmi on a four-wheel cart and pushes it.

Shalu asks Bani if she has any news about Lakshmi. Bani says no. Shalu, after talking to Bani, prays to God for Lakshmi. Rishi brings Lakshmi to a hospital and asks the doctor to check Lakshmi. The doctor checks Lakshmi and says she might have internal bleeding. While the doctor is checking, Lakshmi Minister’s wife brings her son and asks the doctor to check him as he is sneezing from the morning. Rishi, seeing this, asks the doctor to check out Lakshmi first, as her condition is more serious. The doctor says he will check on the minister’s family first.

Malishka thinks to herself, “Why did Lakshmi save Malishka?” If Lakshmi had left Malishka to die, then she could have gotten rid of her. Malishka thinks Lakshmi might have saved Malishka to show how great she is. Rishi argues with the doctor and asks the doctor to first treat Lakshmi. Rishi saw that the doctor was not treating Lakshmi. Rishi threatens the doctor with the life of the minister’s son and asks the doctor to first treat Lakshmi. The doctor agrees and checks Lakshmi out. Rishi apologizes to the minister’s family for his behavior and tells them how important Lakshmi is to him.

Karishma says to Neelam that the hotel Enjoy caught fire. Neelam and others worry about Rishi and try to call him, but they don’t get any reply. Malishka calls Neelam to ask if she knows which hospital Rishi took Lakshmi to. Malishka asks Neelam if she knows where Rishi is. Neelam says to Malishka that they are very worried about Rishi and he is not picking up their phone.

Malishka says she is also in the marriage and says everyone is fine; Rishi took Lakshmi to the hospital. Malishka says she will find out where Rishi is. Neelam thanks Malishka and cuts the call. Neelam says to Virendra and Dadi that Rishi is fine, and he took Lakshmi to the hospital. Dadi and Virendra worry about Lakshmi.


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