Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Banni trying to make Kanha drink milk but he doesn’t drink it and cries. Banni notices Kanha is suffering from a fever. She calls the Doctor and learns he is out of the station. She feels worried. Myra comes there. Banni asks Myra to be with Kanha and she tries to call another Doctor. That time Kabir comes there. Banni hides her face with a veil.

Myra tells Kabir that Kanha’s health is not good. Kabir says I know. He calls the Doctor inside and asks him to check Kanha. Banni thanks, Kabir. Kabir says he did for humanity. Doctor asks Banni to give the baby’s file. Banni is about to fall because of the veil. Kabir holds her. Banni gives Kanha’s file to Doctor. Kabir asks Banni to end her ghoonghat drama.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni says he has to remove it otherwise she won’t. Myra smiles. Kabir lifts her ghoonghat. Doctor asks Banni to give milk to the baby after 10m. Banni agrees. Doctor asks what’s the baby’s name? Banni says Kanha. Kabir says Atharva. Banni asks Doctor to write Atharva. Kabir tells Banni that she can change Atharva’s name if she doesn’t like his choice. Banni says it’s perfect. The doctor leaves prescribing medicines. Charmi sees everything and decides to end Kabir and Banni’s love story the next day.

The next day Banni gives tea to Devraj. She arranges delivery boxes. Devraj asks if she is going to deliver tiffins. Banni says Vishnu is coming. Kabir thinks Banni didn’t come for money and he thinks about why she came and what are her intentions. That time Myra comes there and tells Banni that Kanha is missing. Banni feels worried. Everyone searches for Kanha. Banni cries for Kanha. Kabir promises Banni that he won’t let anything happen to Atharva and will bring him to her. Charmi overhears their conversation.

Rathod family members say they didn’t find Kanha anywhere. Myra apologizes to Banni. Devraj asks Kabir to call the commissioner. That time Banni receives a video call. She sees Kanha and asks who kidnapped him. Raja says he didn’t kidnap Kanha and says Kanha is a baby of him and Banni and she didn’t adopt him and she entered the house to get the remaining 50% property from Kabir.

Banni says he is lying. Veer says Raja might be right. Kabir asks how can he doubt Banni’s love for Yuvan. He tells everyone that Banni didn’t come for the property as she handover all property to me and he asks family members to not forget how Banni fought for everyone. Kabir asks Raja to not lie and asks him to tell him how much money he wants. It was shown Charmi gives Kanha to Raja and offers him a good amount to do her work.

Raja tells Kabir that he got his baby and he doesn’t want any money. Kabir says stop your drama and we know the baby is adopted. Raja asks them to show the adoption papers. Devraj and Kabir ask Banni to show the papers. Banni cries helplessly. Raja cuts the call. Banni breakdown. Kabir comforts her and tells her that he won’t let anything happens to Kanha. He calls someone. Banni sees Charmi and doubts her. Charmi leaves from there.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni confronts Charmi if she is behind Raja. Charmi says Kanha will be safe if she gives him to her. Banni holds Charmi’s neck and asks how can she risk the baby’s life. Charmi says Kanha’s life is in danger. Banni says she will expose her if she didn’t call Raja.

Charmi says you can reveal to the family that Kanha is Tulika’s baby then Kabir’s trust in you gets broken and Kanha will be dead and you will be out of the house. Banni slaps Charmi and tells her that Raja is not safe and we both won’t get Kanha if someone offers more money to Raja. Charmi says she doesn’t care what happens to the baby if she doesn’t get him.

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