Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Charmi in tears asking Banni to see the injustice that happened to her kid. Banni takes Charmi’s baby. She says this kid needs more love and attention and many parents in the world are going through this but you don’t lose hope as he will be fine with treatment. Brinda tries to comfort Charmi. Charmi says I can’t even become a mother again and don’t know why God gave me this kind of child. Banni asks her to not lose hope.

Charmi says it’s not about me and it’s about family and everyone’s hope is broken because of me. Kabir on the call tells Doctors that he will send his brother with his baby for treatment. Devraj hears him. He asks Kabir why he is trying to help Viraj’s babu when he doesn’t like children. Kabir says he doesn’t want anyone to go through this phase like Yuvan so lets the baby stay in a foreign and get treated.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni tries to console Charmi and asks Charmi to not lose her faith and held her inspiring people’s stories. Charmi says she is not self-confident like her. She asks Banni to give Kanha to her so her one baby will be fine. Banni is taken aback and refuses to give Kanha to her. She says it’s not the solution to her problem. Charmi says Kabir doesn’t accept Kanha so give him to me and we will rise him.

Banni says I promised Tulika to make Kanha get his dad’s love so I will unite them. Charmi says you think Kabir will accept Kanha and I give you 10 days and if Kabir doesn’t accept Kanha in 10 days then you will have to give the baby to me on the 11th day otherwise I will inform Kanha truth to Kabir. Banni asks how can she risk Kanha’s life. Charmi says let’s test your faith. Banni accepts Charmi’s challenge and says she will make Kanha get his dad’s love in 10 days. Charmi leaves. Banni thinks to search for a way.

The Next Day Banni receives the parcel and thinks today Kabir will stay with her and she will see how cant he loves her. Kabir receives a call then he tells Alapana and Viraj that some international investors will arrive soon home for a new project so hire a good cook, not a Desi cook as they are going to stay at our home and this deal is important. Viraj agrees.

Kabir on call scolds Vineeth and asks him to prepare papers soon. Banni handcuffs herself with Kabir’s hand. Kabir asks her to open it and tells her that he doesn’t want to get insulted in front of his investors. Banni throws the key and tells her that she did it as she doesn’t get time to spend with him. Kabir asks Watchman to search for the key. That time foreign investors come there.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

They see them with handcuffs and ask why they are handcuffed. Banni tells them it’s their tradition to keep her husband near. The investor says it’s really awesome and shows how much Kabir loves his wife. Kabir acts in that way. They go inside. Investors ask Kabir to tell them about Rajasthan as it’s their first visit.

Banni tells them about Rajasthan and the special food they get here. Investor says they want to taste authentic Rajasthani food. Banni says ok. She mocks Yuvan and asks him to tell her his cuisine list. Kabir slowly asks her to prepare. She asks the investors to wait sometime and she asks Kabir to come with her and tells Alapana and Veer will manage them. Investors agree. Banni thinks to talk to Kabir when she gets a good time.

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