Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Raghav saying no one should marry at such a tender age. Prachi says I love Lakhan so much, but he doesn’t recognize it. Lakhan says it happens sometimes and is destiny. Angad says, “Do you love someone?”

Raghav says no. Angad says, “Don’t confuse me; let’s see Josh’s Instagram.” Angad says so many girls are after him, and you can also earn a lot from his followers. Pihu chases Angad to beat him. Here, Mahir comes to Pihu’s room to find something to make Monika happy. Mahir finally finds a phone and something interesting.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Raghav and Prachi are sitting together and smiling. Prachi requests that Raghav take her advice seriously. Raghav says, “I am seriously saying that you should do what your heart says and never agree to marriage if you don’t want to.” Prachi gets thinking. Mahir approaches Monika and tells her that she is still angry with him, but he has something for her. Mahir gives a video to Monika, and she becomes happy. Monika declares that she will now show Pihu her true location.

The next day, Lakhan comes to the office and sees Adi eating. Lakhan says Brinda must be here. Brinda confirms that she has food. Lakhan says you must have heard gossip from Pihu and Prachi. Brinda says no, as Pihu tells you what she feels, and Prachi doesn’t tell anyone. Here, Monika invites Raghav to join her for breakfast. Prachi and Pihu come from jogging and are shocked to see Monika’s changed behavior. Monika tries to learn from Raghav about the conversations that took place for this Rishta.

Pihu and Prachi join them for breakfast. Monika asked Mahir to get up from Pihu’s place. Mahir is perplexed as to why she is forcing Pihu to sit on her head. Monika gives Raghav a new dress as a gift. Pihu calls it a bribe to know about Avni and Lakhan. Monika says no, it’s a token of thanks. Raghav leaves when Monika asks him to tell her about all the conversations about this Rishta.

Adi and Brinda ask Lakhan the reason for selecting Josh. Lakhan says Josh has always proven himself to be a person, and he has done his time in the UK and will join business soon. Adis, but he is your enemy’s son. Lakhan says, but he is nothing like that, and Sid can never mistreat Prachi as he needs me for business and I don’t. Lakhan says I am not doing it because of Avni; I won’t bring Priya’s daughters into my war. Adi and Brinda say yes; we know you always think of what is best for them, which is why you never agreed with Monika to make Pihu get married to Mahir.

Brinda says, “What about love?” I don’t want them to like us; see how Adi doesn’t give me any gifts. They both fight and leave. Lakhan thinks this is right; love should be there. Lakhan calls Raghav and asks him to make Prachi fall for Josh. Raghav says, and if she doesn’t, then we won’t force her. Lakhan says we have to make sure she falls for him because Josh is the best guy for her. That is why I am doing this; I am not doing this because he is Avni’s son. I don’t care what Pihu thinks, but I know my intentions are pure. Raghav says okay.

Raghav feels emotional but controls his tears. Raghav, Angad, Pihu, and Prachi are in Pihu’s office. A bouquet comes for Prachi; Raghav says it’s for Valentine’s Day from Josh. Raghav says today there is a party by Josh, and we should go. Prachi says we don’t have partners. Raghav says we are four and we are there for each other, so let’s go. Raghav convinces Pihu. Raghav asks Prachi if she will talk to Josh. Prachi sees Lakhan and says yes; she will talk to Josh and try to get to know him.

Lakhan smiles, and this makes Prachi happy. Monika is going to play badminton when Mahir asks about her plan. Monika says you did one good thing, so that doesn’t mean you will fly. Let me do my work. Mahir gets confused. Angad later suggests that Pihu and she open a club together at the party. Pihu says we will be more at a loss as we will only drink; I already made a mistake by becoming your friend, and now I won’t become your partner.

She jokes when Angad feels bad. Raghav brings juice for Prachi when Kiara makes a comment about Raghav. Prachi feels bad; Josh comes and makes Kiara apologize to Raghav. Josh asks which dance Prachi likes; Raghav says ballroom. Josh takes another girl to dance with. Prachi is perplexed when Raghav says that the girl was sitting alone and he took her. Then Josh approaches Prachi for a dance, claiming to have practiced ballroom so that he won’t step on her. Prachi goes dancing with her.


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