Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ram asking Priya where did she go. Swati and Lakhan argue over everyone trying to separate his love from him. Swati tries to make him understand but Lakhan calls her like every other person. Priya is about to go to meet Avni but Shubham tries to stop her. She finds Lakhan’s mother saying to Sid and others that she’s there to apologize on behalf of her son and wants to share the truth about him. Priya listens to I tot from outside.

Ram is thinking about Yash and Lakhan while they were planning for Priya and Ram’s mehndi ceremony. His friend asks why is he concerned about Sid’s issue and Ram says that Priya suspects something and she’s not someone who would suspect without a base. Priya comes there with Shubham and Ram asks what happened. Priya says that Lakhan’s mother herself told everything to Sid and her family. Lakhan argues with Yash who says that his mother herself told about him to Sid.

Priya says that Lakhan’s mother said that her son is a drunkard and is obsessed with Avni which is why he created a scene and told her at she apologized on his behalf. Ram got angry at Lakhan for putting his mother in such a situation. He asks her to forget about it. On the other hand, Lakhan confronted his mother that how could she lie about her own. Sid and Shubham rejoice that their plan succeeded. They are still alert about Priya. Priya is still not convinced.

Ram says to Pihu that the e they love will never leave them for any reason. Priya says that love doesn’t allow her to hurt anyone else too. Pihu gets confused when Ram says that everything is fair in love and war. Priya sends away Pihu ad Ram gets scared. He asks Pihu to stay but she leaves without listening to him. Priya hits him for giving the wrong advice to Pihu.

They soon romance when Ram says that he didn’t lie about love and war. He says that he’s ready to fight any war from her and also ready to even die for him. Priya shuts him asking him not to speak about death as no matter whether they live in love or die in waa r they would always be together. Lakhan says to Avni that it’s now their turn to do something.

He says that they need to go somewhere far away. Avni says she’s ready but. He cuts her off saying th but and all and asks her to trust him. Priya understands that Ram is missing his mother on their wedding day. Ram agrees with her. Priya suggests toinvitingakhan’s mother who’s ashamed of her son. She says that it could be a bit comforting for her and Ram agrees with her. Priya thinks that she should ask the truth directly from Lathan’s mother as she finds it hard to believe what she said about Lakhan.

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