Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Swati trying to explain to Lakhan how not all rich people are like brats and rude, some are good as well. Lakhan says then why I am suffering? I am trying my level best to earn everything for me, for you, and for Avni, I worked so hard to face this rejection. Lakhan says Avni needs to answer my questions, I won’t take this kind of rejection, though I know she did this because of Yash I can’t let her get married to anyone else.

Here, Yash calls his friend and asks him not to invest in Lakhan’s project. Avni says please dad don’t do this. Avni stops Yash and says please don’t punish Lakhan so hard, this project is his dream, I will do whatever you tell me to but don’t punish him. Veena stands shocked. Yash says will you marry Sid and sacrifice your dreams for Lakhan? Avni says yes, I will do whatever you say and marry Sid but don’t ruin Lakhan’s project. Yash says okay.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Yash and his family come inside. Ram asks again about the truth. Yash says I am sorry for this but this is not true, Avni wants to marry Sid. Priya says let Avni say it. Priya whispers to Ram about how Avni is silent and she was upset outside as well. Sid thinks about what Priya wants when Avni has already said no to it. Ram says I know Yash that for you Lakhan and his mom are someone you supported and as Lakhan has put allegations about Avni, let her answer, Avni please tell us openly do you love Lakhan?

Is Lakhan more than a friend to you? Avni is silent. Yash says Lakhan and Avni have grown up under the same roof so they are just friends. Ram thinks I have to be sure, I can’t let Shivi’s mistake repeat. Ram asks Avni. Avni nods no. Yash says see. Ram asks Avni are you sure about Sid? Avni says yes I am sure. Priya thinks I feel something is wrong and Vani won’t say anything here in front of all. Ram welcomes Avni to the family. Yash and his family take a leave.

Later, Priya comes to Ram who is upset. Priya says I feel something wrong is happening and Avni might be ruining her life by lying. Ram says no she is saving herself, if Avni loves Lakhan then her life will be destroyed, Lakhan is ill-mannered. Priya says since when you are thinking this? You always support truth and love. Ram says one has to learn manners as well. Priya says but what if Avni is being pressurized into this like I also went through some years back.

Ram says you are right to let’s find out. The next day, Pihu is decorating the place when Priya and Ram come to Sid and Shubham. Ram says you should tell Avni about your feelings and know about hers as well, as I want to be 200 percent sure before letting anyone suffer. Sid says sure but what if Avni loves me? Ram says then no Lakhan can ruin this. Sid says I hope I don’t lose in love again. Priya thinks we can’t trust these people what if he doesn’t talk to Avni only? Priya decides to go to talk to Avni himself.

Priya comes to Yash’s home and sees Swati mopping from behind. Swati is thinking about how Lakhan got hurt. Priya asks for Avni but Swati doesn’t hear her. Priya is about to go near Swati but she misses seeing her and Swati sees her and hides her face. Priya says I have come to meet Avni, you are Lakhan’s mom, right? I saw some honesty in Lakhan’s eyes so I have come here to know the truth. Swati thinks unknowingly also Priya is helping her known.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Swati says I want to help. Swati thinks I can’t ruin my other son’s life by telling the truth. Priya says please tell me the truth so I can help you. Lakhan comes there and says it’s not needed, I don’t need anyone’s gratefulness, no one cares. Priya says no. Lakhan says Ram has sent you here right, he is playing double standards, first, he takes away my love then now this. Priya says Ram and I both want to know the truth, for our love is important over everything.

Lakhan says then what was the warning Ram gave me? Priya says you ruined it all as you made Avni go against her parents in front of all the guests, any girl would be hurt by this. Lakhan says you are interrogating me with what rights? You all made Avni answer in front of all. Priya says you didn’t leave us a choice. Shubham and Sid reach outside and hear this. Sid panics but Shubham calms him. Priya says I have come here just to know the truth and nothing else, I am not your enemy. Lakhan looks on.

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