Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th December 2022 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th December 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Ram saying to the baby I will pamper you with lots of love, right? Ram says she said yes, I can feel it. Priya says this child will be on my team. Ram says then what about dad. They both start laughing and hug each other. Ram looks at the sky and thinks I am sure Ma you must be proud of me, thanks for making this happen.

Here, Yash tells his wife about how Sid called and informed him about how Ram was facing a big issue but now it’s solved and he is remarrying his wife. Swati hears it and thanks god. The next day, Ram is about to go for breakfast when he sees Shubham working. Ram asks about Nandini. Shubham says with what face she will come when she did this big thing.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th December 2022 Written Update

Ram makes a plate for Nandini and asks Shubham to not say this. Shubham says if you take this plate with you then she will again use you. Ram says the mother who loved me didn’t teach me this. Sara and Priya are taking the veggies when Priya shares her concern for Ram. Sara asks her to calm down as god and his mother are with him. Sara says let the wedding be big as you know Ram likes that. Priya says I will fight with him as he likes it too.

Sara says I really wish Ram’s real mom was with him. Priya agrees. Swati also comes from the same vendor. Priya feels dizzy and is about to trip when Swati saves her. Swati sees Ram so she goes. Ram asks Priya to be careful and he says to Sara I will complain about you to Meera. They all three laughs. Priya sees Ram and Sara fight funnily about who’s being funny so Priya thinks to see baby, this is your family and your dad is an expert in hiding his feelings, thank you Ram for always making my family laugh.

Later, Shubham and Sid discuss how Yash and Ram are trusting them on behalf of each other so we are in profit. Ram comes and asks them why they are here. Shubham says this is the contract paper for Yash and it needs your signature. Ram says okay, I will get back to you after reading this. Sid says but we have all the points according to you.

Ram says still I need to read it. Shubham says but I have already promised Yash that we will give this today. Ram says who decided that? Now things have changed here so discuss with me before committing. Sid says you are right, we will tell him, you go through it as you wish and let me know I will call Yash here for our pending meeting. Ram agrees. They both go. Shubham says I am worried if Ram doesn’t trust us then it will be a problem.

Here, Sara and Meera are feeding Priya medicines. Just then, Nandini comes. Meera asks her to leave. Nandini says I have come here to talk to Priya. Priya says let her come. Priya asks Sara and Meera to go. They leave. Vikrant and Pihu are coming back from shopping. Sara and Meera inform Vikrant about how Nandini has come to meet Priya. Pihu hears this and runs home. Here, Nandini asks Priya to flaunt her plans and what is she thinking of doing next.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th December 2022 Written Update

Priya says I don’t plan and plot, I will do this only when things threaten my family. Nandini says now you want to throw me out of the house. Priya says I want to protect Ram and don’t want his money. Nandini says you won’t understand I was all alone. Priya says I was too and I managed. Pihu comes in and disrespects her and asks her to leave.

Pihu pushes Nandini and says you are mean and bad Dadi, I won’t let you separate my mom and dad, I hate you. Priya tries to stop her. Nandini feels humiliated so she leaves. Here, Ram searches for gynecologists for Priya and delays signing the papers. Sid and Shubham become upset and feel helpless. Ram calls Priya and hears how Priya is scolding Pihu so Ram asks about it. Priya says Pihu did very bad things today. Ram wonders what must have happened.

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