Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Raghav coming to Lakhan with Shagun from Avni. Pihu hears this and says, “How can you do this?” You have not acted as our father for years, and now you are acting like one to make Prachi marry a person who misbehaved with her.

You are aware that Lakhan has stated that the matter is closed. Raghav says yes, there was a misunderstanding, and a girl was with them. Pihu says you are doing this because you have feelings for Avni, and now you have no love left.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lakhan scolds Pihu when Prachi comes to save her. “I’ve seen mom and dad in love, and I can’t let Prachi marry Josh,” says Pihu. Lakhan says I like Josh, and I want Prachi to marry him. Prachi is shocked. Pihu claims that I want Prachi to first study and become something. Lakhan says, “How will I fulfill the promise given to Priya if you both do this?” “For you, I don’t know, but for Prachi, it will be difficult as she has a sister who is always drunk.”

Pihu says Prachi shouldn’t listen to him; trust me, I will find you a guy who respects and loves you. Please don’t say yes, as this is just a barter between Lakhan and his ex-girlfriend Avni, which is why he is doing this. Lakhan says that if you respect me even a little, you will say yes to Prachi because love does not exist in this world; those who are in love die like your parents.

Here, Brinda asks Angad to wake up and see his phone as Raghav is calling him. Raghav calls Angad to come to the Kapoor mansion. Prachi and Pihu are sitting on the terrace. Prachi says you can’t say yes, Prachi. Prachi says I have always heard about mom and dad’s love story, but I have always seen Lakhan as a dad, and we should be grateful to him for accepting us and taking care of us. Pihu asks how you can consider him your dad. Pihu goes. Prachi says you are going to drink.

Pihu says yes, as you also promised to listen to me and trust me, but I see you are not. Raghav is seeing all this, so Pihu asks him to handle Prachi. Monika approaches Mihir and chastises him for always making mistakes in their plans. Mihir leaves while Monika is angry.

Mihir sees Pihu coming, so he hides. Angad comes and says, “Why don’t you wait until tomorrow to do some drama?” Pihu suggests that we go out to drink. According to Angad, I have it. They open a bottle and fight over who will have the drink. In their fight, the drink falls, and Mihir drinks it. They both go to the terrace.

Prachi is crying on the terrace when Raghav arrives and tells her to stop acting like a Hindi serial heroine. Raghav gives her a handkerchief. Prachi says I don’t know how to handle this situation, as if I select Pihu, then Lakhan and my relationship will become more distant, and if I choose Lakhan, then Pihu will get upset.

Raghav says, “First, stop crying; your tears are very precious.” Prachi says what you would have done if you had to lose someone you loved. Raghav says I would have laughed. Raghav gives her chocolate. Angad and Pihu come, and they all throw darts in Josh’s face. Everyone tries to convince Prachi not to say yes and study further. Pihu asks Raghav, “Why did you go with the proposal?” Do you want her to get married? Raghav says that’s something I really don’t want.


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