Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Angad and Pihu taking Prachi home. Prachi tries to describe how her head is spinning. Pihu makes her sit there alone. Lakhan says it’s all done by you, Sid. Sid says you are at my home. Sid and Lakhan try to fight each other when Josh tries to stop them.

Josh sends the security away. Josh says Raghav is not just their servant but also Prachi’s best friend, and he did what was best for her; he saw me alone with Prachi in the room and tried to protect me. Raghav says, “Weren’t you alone with Prachi?” Josh says no kiara was with me.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kiara comes and says, “Where were you?” I thought you took her to the balcony. Raghav says, “Why couldn’t we see her?” Josh says she went to get tissues; you can check the CCTV. Josh says, “Lakhan sir, I really care for Prachi because I love her.” Everyone gets shocked. Avni claims I was aware of it; my son would never do such a thing. Lakhan and the Kapoors take leave. Here, Raghav sits very worriedly while his PG woman takes care of her and asks her not to always take care of others.

Raghav says I disappointed Lakhan again. Here, Kiara tells Josh that, thankfully, they didn’t check the CCTV. Josh says that when we say it with confidence, it also rocks. Josh asks Avni to ask Prachi for marriage. Sid says, “What are you saying?” Josh says even you would have acted like that if it was your daughter. Josh suggests that we make our competitors our in-laws so that we can profit as well. Sid gets thinking.

Avni calls Lakhan and asks for Prachi’s hand for marriage. Avni says we couldn’t marry, but Prachi and Josh can. Lakhan gets thinking. Here, Prachi wakes up, sees Pihu role-play, and acts as Ram and Priya. Pihu shows how Ram would have been cool knowing Prachi got drunk, while Priya would have acted strictly.

Brinda and Adi come, and they laugh. Pihu makes Prachi promise that she won’t drink without her by her side. Angad comes and makes jokes about girls. Brinda beats her, and everyone enjoys the drama. Lakhan calls Raghav to meet him. Prachi thinks Pihu cares for me, and that’s why she tells me stories of Ram and Priya.

Mihir is sitting disappointed when Mama and Mami tell him that Mihir couldn’t have made Pihu convinced by spiking; the main idea was to defame Pihu. Mihir worries about what to do next. Raghav comes to meet Lakhan when he apologizes, but Lakhan says it was a great disappointment, but I can forgive you if you ask for forgiveness from Josh and then tell them that I agree with Prachi and his marriage.

Raghav is shocked and asks if Prachi knows. Lakhan says not yet, but I will convince her, and I have decided this marriage will happen; it’s for the best. Raghav feels broken. Lakhan asks Raghav to send the message. Raghav leaves. Prachi wants to come to Lakhan but fears that he will be upset.

Pihu says he is always upset, so don’t think too much. Pihu thinks she should talk to Raghav, as she doesn’t want him to face any consequences for this. Raghav is walking in the rain and crying, thinking about all his moments with Prachi and how everything got ruined. He just cries and remembers Lakhan’s words. Raghav tries to calm himself down.


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