Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Lakhan scolding Raghav for being so immature. Brinda says I should bring Pihu inside. Pihu says Raghav has not done anything wrong; if he had, then Sid’s son wouldn’t have supported Raghav. Prachi tries to diffuse the situation. Everyone goes. Monika is upset, seeing how her plan failed, and Lakhan is not even seeing her.

Mama and Mami say this Raghav always protects these girls. Monika gets upset. The next day, Prachi apologizes to Raghav for not supporting her because of Pihu. Raghav says he understands this is all an experience. Pihu arrives and is reminded of Priya after hearing about her adventures. Raghav asks them both not to be sad. Angad must be very angry at me, as I am between two girls; he hates girls but not me. Pihu and Prachi joke and they all leave. Raghav smiles. Pihu thinks Raghav takes such good care of me.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sid is talking to Shubham about how he got humiliated in front of Lakhan. Shubham says, “Honestly, your son defamed you today by leaving your side.” Lakhan gets upset. The call ends, and Josh comes. Josh says I am throwing a party and inviting all the rich brats because I want to socialize. Before Sid could react to it, Josh left. Sid says how to make Josh understand. Mama and Mami tell Lakhan about Josh’s birthday party, and Pihu is planning to go. Lakhan says no one from our house will go.

Pihu says I will go. Lakhan says it’s my house, so I will not allow that. Pihu claims that technically, it’s our parent’s house, and you’re just running the business. Pihu says I will go, and Prachi will also accompany me. Prachi, Lakhan asks, will you? Prachi says no, I won’t, and you can’t hurt Dad again and again. Pihu claims he is not my father and is uninterested in family relationships. Pihu goes. Raghav and Sara are in the boutique, and they discuss the hot discussion between Lakhan and Pihu.

Sara goes to keep something in storage when Angad comes and says these girls will never understand. I told Pihu not to go there for humanity’s sake, but these girls, you know. Sara shows up and tells you that you will definitely get beat up because you’re making fun of girls. Angad says my dad told me all this. Sara says, “Oh, really?”

Then Brinda needs to know. Angad says yes. Sara leaves. Angad says, “See, they are always complaining.” Raghav laughs. Lakhan gets a call from Avni, and she requests that Lakhan not let their kids’ friendship be ruined because of their past. Lakhan says nothing, but later calls Raghav and invites him to the party with Pihu and Prachi.

Angad also listens to this and gets shocked. Prachi comes to Pihu and says that Lakhan himself asked her to go to the party. This shocks both of them. Pihu says he must have a motive. Prachi says he is just fulfilling the promise given to Priya to take care of us. Here, a policeman is asking for money from Sid about hiding how he murdered Priya and Ram by setting the fire, but he recorded it as an accident, and from next month he needs double the amount. Sid says I am at a loss, so how can I pay more? The police say it’s your headache.

Josh greets the girls and thinks of Pihu. Angad, Raghav, Pihu, and Prachi enter the party. Raghav is left behind, so he is stopped by the guards, who ask him to join the servants, not the party. Raghav says I am a plus one here. Angad comes and says he is with me. They both enter the party. Prachi is trying to explain her mocktail to the bartender when Raghav comes and helps her. Prachi says, “Why did you not tell me that the guard called you a servant?”

Raghav says I am, as I am an employee, and maybe he is not educated, so he doesn’t know the word “employee.” Monika is upset because Lakhan allowed the girls to attend the party. Mihir cribs that he couldn’t go to the party. Monika says I brought you here to get hitched to Prachi or Pihu, and if either one of them doesn’t marry you, then we will lose all the money and I will cut off all your food. Mihir says, “I will do as you say.”

Monika smirks. Here, a girl comes to Josh, saying she is pregnant with his child. Josh says it’s not right that she is acting like that, and it’s not like I was committed to you. Josh goes from there. He plays Prachi’s favorite song and comes up to her, saying, “I know this is your favorite song, so will you dance with me?” Prachi looks at Raghav.


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