Anupama 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Anupama sees pictures with Anu, Anuj. She breaks down recalling Anuj’s words about setting her priorities. Anuj too cries recalling his moment with Anupama, Anuj. Kavya recalls Vanraj refusing Delhi’s offer. She breaks down too. Vanraj, Paritosh sit upset too. Kavya is devastated too. She recalls her fight with Paritosh.

Leela cries thinking about Hasmuk’s accusation. Adhik, and Samar dance together. Samar recalls Leela’s accusation. Adhik and Pakhi enjoy themselves together. Barkha cries seeing Ankush. Ankush lies unconscious after consuming alcohol. Anu wishes Happy New year to Anupama, Anuj. Kavya makes a call to Anirudh.

Anupama says life is giving New Year and 365 new pages. She decides to leave the past and start afresh. Anupama starts the day by praying to God. She asks God to shower blessings on everyone. Anupama asks God to give her the strength to handle the situation. She is thankful to have Anu in their life. Anupama prays for Anu’s happiness.

She also realizes her mistake of hurting Anuj. Anupama says she wants to focus on Anuj which she ignored last year. She prays to God to shower blessings so that her love for Anuj gets stronger than before. Anuj wakes up. She prays for happiness in the New year.

Leela realizes her mistake and shares with Hasmuk that she did wrong to Anupama. She says the house belongs to her and knows she will take responsibility for Shahs. Hasmuk says to Leela that she never stands by her words but this time he expects her does. Leela asks Hasmuk to trust her. She further decides to cut Dhokla cake with Shah members.

Anupama talks with Anuj. She realizes her mistake and asks Anuj to forgive her. Leela asks Hasmuk to bring jalebi and fafda. Vanraj brings groceries. Leela asks Vanraj why he got the grocery. Vanraj says it because Paritosh missed. He surprises Hasmuk by gifting him a cream roll.

Hasmuk asks Vanraj if he is fine. Vanraj says he is ready to take up the house responsibility. Paritosh tells Vanraj, Leela, and Hasmuk that he has upgraded him in the New year. Anuj asks Anupama not to be sorry. Anupama wishes Anuj Happy New Year. She helps Anupama in getting ready.

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