Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ali seeing Nafi’s puppet and getting upset. Monk says the ritual of turning the puppets into humans won’t be easy to do. They have to start the process right now. Alifi thinks about how she can make Simsim drink the poison. She then imagines Poya and Nafi in front of her. They tell her that they are always with her in every difficult situation. Alifi then gets an idea and takes off a pin from her hair.

She dips it in the poison bottle. She says now that this poisonous pin will kill Simmi Jaan. She goes outside to look for her. She thinks Simmi Jaan might doubt her, as earlier she did that. Alifi screams upon hearing Nazia’s footsteps. Nazia also falls down with the clothes. She asks Alifi why she screamed.

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Alifi claims she thought the shadow appeared. Nazia says she is afraid of their poor status. She says Simmi Jaan is helping them get coins from Abdali, so they should pamper her more. Alifi says she has to kill the shadow, and she can’t lose hope. There, the puppets turn into humans, and they are happy to get their bodies back.

Nafi says he only wants Ali back at any cost. Ali seems upset, and Hasan asks him what is bothering a brave soldier like him. Ali replies that he will reveal himself to everyone when the time is right. There, Poya refuses to eat food from Khusro’s hands. Poya says that without Ali, their lives are incomplete. He can’t stay without him or Nafi anymore. Khusro hugs Poya and misses Ali. He prays for his return.

Hasan asks the head monk who the masked person is. Monk says soon he will get to know his identity. There, the recovered people decide to go back to Parbaaz to meet their families. Monks and Hasan pray that Nafi will get to meet Ali soon. Nafi feels Ali’s presence around him. Alifi follows Simsim when she goes somewhere. Monk tells Ali that the world is waiting to see him, so when will he show his face to them all?

Ali says he never went away from his people, but he wanted to execute his plan to save them. He fought many battles, and he was almost dead. He lost Marjina, but the monks found him. Monks treated his burnt face and gave him a new life. Ali says he has changed; he is not the old Ali anymore. Monk gives him the courage to face the world. He says Ali’s face is recovered, so he can remove his mask.

Simsim wonders if Ali died or not; how will she learn that? Alifi goes behind her to stab the pin in her body. The monk removes Ali’s face mask, and he looks into the mirror. Monk says Ali got a second chance after all the struggle. Some work is still pending, so he has to finish it.

Ali claims that this new version of himself will finish the Dastaan e Kabul. Monk finally addresses him as Ali Baba, and Hasan sees him. Ali takes out the sword, and Monk says the new Ali will defeat his enemies and do right by the good people. Ali claims he was given this new life to fulfill a purpose. He won’t celebrate but will take revenge on Simsim and the thieves.

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