Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Simsim thinking if Kasim lied to her before dying. She recalls his words and assumes that he is the savior. She thinks if he is the savior then who brought her here? Nazia adds thieves killed Kasim brutally and the savior performed the last rites for her husband otherwise she lost all hope to see her husband for the last time. Simsim asks her if she knows the savior.

How does he look? Nazia replies Saviour helped her meet her husband but didn’t show his face to her. Nazia orders Simsim to finish the household chores fast. Simsim breaks a vase in anger and it hits Nazia’s forehead. Nazia gets shocked and asks her to clean the mess. Simsim thinks why Saviour did good for Kasim if he has no relation with him.

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The savior tries to find some secrets in a book written by Mustafa as he was the greatest magician. He must have known how to turn the puppets into humans. There Simsim tries to read Noora Dadi’s heart. She says surely she will get to know something about Mustafa. Simsim hears that Dadi is telling about a book written by Mustafa which has all the information.

They have to protect it from Simsim. Simsim says now she will find the book of Mustafa. Monk tells Saviour to take rest and his wound is not healed yet. Saviour says he knows where is Mustafa’s book there he will find the way to defeat the shadow. He decides to visit Ali’s house to find the book. Alifi finds Ali’s kerchief and gets emotional. Simsim meets the kids to know about Mustafa’s book. She says she likes to read books.

Poya shows her many books on other subjects. She says she wants Mustafa’s book. Poya says he is their grandfather. She says she knows him and the kids tell her that Mustafa turned the thieves into stones and the whole Parbaaz celebrated that. Poya makes fun of thieves and Iblis which angers Simsim. She says she will kill him after her mission is completed.

Poya tells Simsim to go to Mustafa’s room to find his book. Nafi and Poya argue over which is his room. Alifi tells her the right direction of the room and she leaves. Poya asks Alifi if she is missing Ali. Alifi says she is scared seeing the dangerous situation in Parbaaz and he should come back safely before it’s too late. Simsim enters Mustafa’s room and searches for the book. Poya hopes Ali will return soon. Nafi says if he doesn’t care about them anymore.

Poya says he believes Ali can’t forget them. Poya says just the way they are looking at the moon, Ali is also looking at it. Alifi says wish they could get a signal from Ali that he is with them. Poya notices the savior enter their house. He feels he is Ali only. He informs Alifi and Nafi about it and goes to find out who is the saviour.

Abdali overhears them and says he came here to see Simmi Jaan but got to know that the saviour is here only. He thinks if he can catch him then Simmi Jaan will get impressed by his act. The saviour finds Simsim in Mustafa’s room and wonders what she is doing here. He thinks if she is looking for the same book.

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