Ajooni 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Aman telling Ajooni that Harvinder is right because she can’t take Shikha’s place in his life and cries. Ajooni tells her that the latter has to change herself to win Harvinder’s heart. On the other hand, Shikha tells herself that she ends up in the servant’s room due to Ajooni and she has to do something.

Harsh calls Shikha and scolds her for staying at Bagga’s house after getting exposed too. She tells him that they don’t have any connection then why he called her? She warns him to not call her again and says she will do what she wants to do and disconnects the call. He tells himself that she left him and he will kill her for that.

Ajooni arranges outfits and makeup for Aman. She wears one outfit to check the fitting. Rajveer gets mesmerized seeing her. He ties the knot of the outfit and places a kiss on her shoulder. They are about to kiss about Bebe’s voice interrupts them. She runs into the washroom. He says that Bebe ruined the romance.

After some time, Ajooni does Aman’s makeover. Aman says that she will change the outfit. Ajooni compliments her and claims that Harvinder will like it too. They leave the room. Ravinder notices Aman and asks what is this drama and whose idea is this. Ajooni tells him that it was her idea. He appreciates her idea and asks her to give this kind of idea to Harman too. He advises Aman to not forget she is malkin of the house now and she can do this for Harvinder only and leaves from there.

Chamko fights with Shikha for calling her dog. She orders her to sleep on the floor. Shikha threatens to throw her out of the house after becoming malkin. Chamko taunts her. Shikha falls asleep and her sleep gets disturbed due to Chamko. She thinks that she won’t spare Chamko.

The light goes off at Bagga’s house. Ravinder tells Mangi Ram to check the fuse. He tells Ajooni to bring candles. Harsh enters the house as an electrician. Mangi Ram takes Harsh to the electricity board. Harsh tells him about the short circuit and sends Mangi Ram from there to check the wires. Harsh hits Aman on the head assuming she is Shikha.

Shikha comes there and gets shocked seeing Harsh there. Harsh tells her that he came to kill her for deceiving him. She tells him that her time is not right already. He tells her that he knows why she married Harvinder. She tells him that she married Harvinder for money. She pleads him to leave or else they will die. He warns her to not try to double-cross him and leaves from there.

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