Ajooni 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Shikha telling Durga that she is changing. Harvinder tells her that Durga will kill them if she saw them together then and he hides in the room. She opens the door. Durga says that she heard someone’s voice. Shikha lies to her that she was talking on a phone call. Ajooni and Durga notice Harvinder’s leg. Durga beat Harvinder up without seeing his face and she gets shocked to see him.

She claims that Shikha is trying to take advantage of Aman’s absence and drags her to the hall. Bebe scolds Durga for screaming. Durga tells her to ask Harvinder what was he doing with Shikha in the locked room. She scolds Harvinder for doing all this instead of searching for Aman. She tells Ravinder to throw Shikha out of the house and she beat Shikha up. Harvinder informs her that Shikha is pregnant. He says that he hid because he was scared of Durga.

Ajooni 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Durga asks why Shikha is not staying with her parents. Bebe lies that Shikha’s parents are no more which shocks Shikha. Durga asks about Shikha’s husband. Ajooni tells her that Shikha’s husband is not in India. Durga says that she will take care of Shikha until she gives birth. She wonders how can one leave the country when his wife is pregnant. She apologizes to Harvinder for misunderstanding him. She tells him to find Aman as soon as possible and goes inside.

Bebe slaps Harvinder and she scolds Shikha. She tells them to apologize to Ravinder. In the room, Harman scolds Harvinder and Shikha. Ravinder tauntingly tells her to scream more. He scolds Harvinder for not trying to find Aman and roaming around Shikha. Shikha tells him that it’s not like that. He warns her that he won’t spare her too and leaves from there.

Ajooni 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Shikha scolds Harvinder for standing silently when Ravinder threatened her. She threatens to leave the house. Harvinder loses his cool and tells her to leave and leaves from there. She thinks that she won’t leave until she gets all the properties of Baggas. On the other hand, Rajveer picks Ajooni up and they fall on the bed. She asks him what is he doing. He tells her that he is romancing his wife. She pushes him and runs from there.

Later, Harvinder drinks and hesitates to watch TV. He picks up a call and gets shocked to hear Aman’s voice on another side. He asks her why she is troubling him. Aman tells him that he left her in the forest to die but her soul is alive still. He says that it’s not possible and decides to check Aman’s dead body. He goes to the forest and finds Aman in a white dress. She asks him if he is searching for her and moves from there. He follows her. He gets shocked seeing Rajveer and his friends there.

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