Ajooni 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Ravinder saying that Dolly has to do all the household chores from now on. He orders Harvinder to find Aman. Aman’s aunt Durga comes there. Rajveer and Ajooni smile seeing Durga. Durga says that there is so much crowd in the house but Aman is missing. Ravinder welcomes her and asks her about her sudden visit.

She reveals that she became the Sarpanch of the village so she came to meet the collector and thought she should meet Aman too. She asks him where is Aman. She gives them the things which she brought for them. Harman tells her that Aman is not in the house. Durga asks her when Aman will return.

Ajooni 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bebe says that Aman became mad and left the house. Durga warns Bebe to not say that. She demands the truth from Ravinder. She says that she saw on TV how Baggas tortured Ajooni and Aman. Ravinder assures her that he will find Aman. She tells him that she trusts him. She scolds Harvinder for not taking care of Aman. She gets worried about Aman. Harman consoles her. Durga says that she won’t spare anyone if they don’t find Aman.

She decides to stay there until they find Aman. Bebe scolds her. Durga threatens her. She orders Harman to send things to her room and goes inside. Shikha asks why they did not throw Durga out of the house for talking rudely to Bebe. Ravinder scolds her. He says that Durga is the Sarpanch of the village and he brought Aman as his daughter-in-law due to political benefits. He tells her that he is sure she is behind Aman’s disappearance.

She tells him that she did nothing. He says that they should not underestimate Durga and it was just a trailer. He tells Harman to give lassi to Bebe and leaves from there. Durga decides to stay in Aman’s room. She gets worried seeing Aman’s photo. She asks her to return soon. Shikha comes there and asks her what the latter is doing in that room.

Ajooni 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Durga asks her who is the latter to question her. Shikha tells her to leave the room. She threatens to throw Durga’s luggage out of the house. Durga twists Shikha’s hand. Harman comes there and asks Durga to calm down. Durga says that she will stay in Aman’s room only. Harman tells her that no one will stop her. Shikha is about to say something but Harman stops the former.

Durga asks Harman who is Shikha. Harman tells her that Shikha is the daughter of Ravinder’s friend and staying in the Bagga house for a few days. Durga warns Shikha to not cross her limits. She orders her to bring tea. Harman sends Shikha from there and leaves the room. Durga hopes that Aman returns soon. Ajooni tells Shikha to tell the truth or else the latter will face many problems due to Durga.

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