Ajooni 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Dolly asking Ajooni to give food to Shikha. Ajooni tells her that she gave food to Shikha already. Dolly says that Shikha is waiting in the hall with Bebe for food. She takes Ajooni to the hall. Ajooni claims that she gave food to Shikha already. Shikha says that she is sitting with Bebe. Harman and Bebe scold Ajooni for not serving Shikha well.

Ajooni goes to the kitchen and sees food in the dustbin. She realizes what Shikha is trying to do with her. Shikha tells Dolly that she will hide in Ajooni’s cupboard like how Harvinder hid in Aman’s cupboard. She asks Dolly to handle everything and she hides in Ajooni’s cupboard. Ajooni sees Dolly leaving her room. She notices Shikha’s dupatta in her cupboard and realizes that Shikha is inside the cupboard she locks the cupboard and leaves the room.

Ajooni 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

In the kitchen, Rajveer disturbs Ajooni when she is preparing tea. Ajooni shows a knife at him. He tells her that she has just one husband. He snatches the knife from her and gets close to her. He drops the knife and tells her that he brought something for her. She gets happy seeing movie tickets. Harman sees everything and thinks that Ajooni can’t go to watch a movie and leaves there. Rajveer tells Ajooni that he deserves a tight hug and she hugs him. He notices the cupboard key. She tells him everything.

Ravinder scolds Bebe for not finding Aman yet. Dolly tells him that they sent Chamko to find Aman. He asks her if Chamko is James bond. Bebe says that Aman was behaving weirdly and they don’t know when Aman left the house. Harman says that Harvinder went to find Aman. Harvinder comes there and says that Shikha is not picking up the call. Ravinder taunts Harvinder.

Harman asks Ajooni where is Shikha. Ajooni tells her that she doesn’t know. The servant says that he heard Shikha’s scream from Ajooni’s room. Everyone goes to Ajooni’s room. Shikha screams for help. Ravinder asks how Shikha ends up in Ajooni’s room. Ajooni says that she doesn’t know. Harvinder asks for a key. Ajooni searches for the key and says that it’s missing.

Ajooni 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajveer brings the key. Harvinder opens the cupboard. Harman asks Shikha to take a deep breath. Ravinder laughs and asks Shikha what is she doing in the cupboard. Ajooni asks Rajveer where he found the key. Rajveer says that he found the key outside Dolly’s room.

Ajooni tells Ravinder that Dolly did something because she saw Shikha and Dolly together last time. Dolly defends herself. She tells Ravinder that she did nothing. Ravinder tells her that he knows what she is capable to do. He says that he made mistake by bringing Dolly from Ajooni’s house.

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