Ajooni 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Aman refusing to accept Shikha’s assistance in the kitchen. Shikha mixed bhang in one of the milk glasses without Aman’s knowledge. Mr. Awasthi tells Durga that the school’s inauguration will happen within a year. He takes the wrong drink. Shikha is taken aback by this.Aman drinks bhang milk on Mr. Awasthi’s behest. Shikha thinks that the end result will be a disaster. Mr. Awasthi praises their family. Aman tells him that she will bring one more glass of milk for him because they have so many cows.

Harman asks her what the latter is doing. Aman tells her that her guest is like God. She begins to act strangely as a result of the bhang. She makes Harman dance, saying that Harman dances well. She tells Mr. Awasthi that she is glad he liked the milk. She informs him that Harvinder tried to kill her four times. She claims that Harvinder is innocent and Shikha did black magic on him. She says that Shikha is trying to ruin her life, and Harvinder is responsible for everything.

Ajooni 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Harvinder asks her to stop it and tries to slap her. She holds his hand and tells him to slap Shikha because she is wrong. Harman tries to take her inside but fails. Aman takes a gun from Harvinder’s pocket and points it at him. She threatens to shoot them and laughs. She tells Mr. Awasthi that she won’t kill him because he liked her milk. She drags Shikha away and says that she will kill her for trying to snatch Harvinder from her. Everyone tries to stop Aman.

Aman tells Durga that she will handle everything and asks her to sit. She tells Shikha that she won’t spare her, and she points a gun at her. Harman asks her not to do that. Shikha tells Aman that her child will die too. Aman asks her to stop it and says that Harvinder and Shikha are liars. She says that Harvinder rejected her, so she should kill herself. Hearing the bullet firing sound, everyone is taken aback.

Aman fires the gun in the air due to Shikha’s fainting. Rajveer and Ajooni take Aman inside. Mr. Awasthi asks Durga what all this is. Shikha apologizes to him, saying that Shikha gets attacks like this sometimes because she can’t get pregnant. Ravinder apologizes to Mr. Awasthi on behalf of Aman. Mr. Awasthi tells him to take Aman to a psychiatrist and start the treatment, and he leaves there. Shikha smirks.

Ravinder asks Ajooni about Aman. Ajooni tells him that Aman is sleeping. Durga blames Shikha for everything. Ravinder tells her that Shikha saved Aman’s life today. He promises her he won’t let anything happen to Aman. Durga threatens to kill them if anything happens to Aman, then leaves from there.

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