Ajooni 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Rajveer telling his family that he dropped Ajooni at her house. Ajooni irritated him, so he fought with her and took this decision. Bebe tells Ravinder that they should not have sent Ajooni with Rajveer. And Ajooni can’t live without fighting with Rajveer.

She tells Rajveer she will do his second marriage, so he must not worry. Ravinder scolds her for talking about second marriage. He asks Rajveer if the latter is telling the truth. Rajveer nods at him. And he urges Shikha to bring tea and goes inside. Ravinder gets suspicious.

Shikha goes to Rajveer and asks him what happened. Rajveer tells her that he killed Ajooni. He informs her that even Harsh was there. She pretends to get shocked and asks Rajveer what he did with Ajooni’s dead body. He says that he buried Ajooni’s dead body in the farmhouse. He asks her not to tell anyone about it.

She asks him if anyone sees it. He says that he is feeling bad. She tells him that Ajooni deserves to die for cheating. She asks him not to tell anyone about it. She thinks Rajveer made her job easy, and no one can defeat her in Bagga’s house.

Harman asks Aman how long they have to wait for a new maid. Aman tells her that Durga has sent a maid already. Ravinder asks Harman to calm down. He says that it’s not easy to find a maid for Baggas’ house. Kamli comes there and introduces herself to them. She says that Durga sent her. She takes Aman and Harman’s blessings.

Harman asks Kamli if the latter knows household chores. Kamli tells her she follows malkin’s orders with no extra work. Rajveer smiles, hearing her. Harman asks Aman to show the room to Kamli. Ravinder tells Kamli that she will be punished if she commits any mistake. Kamli tells him that that situation won’t come and goes inside.

Aman takes Kamli to the servant’s room and locks the door from the inside. Aman tells Ajooni that she is scared. Ajooni tells her to expose Shikha, and Rajveer is with them. Aman asks about the next plan. Ajooni tells her that Shikha has executed her projects till now, and it’s their time from now on.

Later, Shikha troubles Aman. Kamli teaches a lesson to Shikha. She sees Harsh is calling Shikha. Shikha picks up Harsh’s call. Harsh tells her that they should pay for the goons who kidnapped Rajveer. Shikha takes the duplicate key of the locker. Kamli sees that. Bebe scolds Kamli for burning the food. Aman tells Bebe that it’s Kamli’s first day and first mistake. Bebe punishes Kamli.


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