Ajooni 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Aman telling Harvinder that Ravinder will scold him if he sees the latter drinking at home. Harvinder tells her that he is not scared of anyone, especially Ravinder. He gets scared hearing Ravinder’s voice, and he asks Aman to stop Ravinder. He hides the alcohol bottle and lays down on the bed.

Aman tries to stop Ravinder from entering the room. Harvinder lies and claims that dust got into his eyes and that Aman was treating him. Ravinder smells something and scolds Harvinder for not taking a bath, then leaves. Harvinder drinks again. Aman tries but fails to stop him. He orders her to make pakoda and not come in front of her.

Ajooni 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

After some time, Aman tells Sundari to give pakodas to Harvinder. Ajooni asks Aman why the latter is making pakoda at this time. Aman informs her that Harvinder is drinking. She tells her that Harvinder will sleep after drinking. Ajooni leaves the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Sundari gives pakoda to Harvinder. She gets happy watching TV. He inquires as to whether she enjoys dancing. She nods at him. He tells her to dance for him. She dances. He also starts dancing with her. He holds her hand, and she asks him to let go. She tries to leave the room but fails. He tries to molest her, and she screams for help.

Ajooni comes there. Harvinder leaves Sundari after hearing Ajooni’s voice. He says that Sundari tried to trap him. Sundari tells Ajooni that Harvinder is lying. Harvinder warns Sundari not to tell anyone about it. He tries to slap Sundari. But Ajooni saves Sundari and takes her from there. She calls Rajveer to tell him. She learns that Rajveer is inside the party office. She decides to tell Ravinder about Sundari’s situation.

Ajooni tells everything to Ravinder. Harvinder tells Ravinder that Ajooni is lying. She says that Harvinder even drank at home. Ravinder beat Harvinder up. Harvinder defends himself. Shikha and Harman asked Harvinder to stop it. Bebe asks Ravinder to listen to Harvinder once. Ravinder says that Harvinder did not change because they had hidden his mistakes since childhood.

Sundari says that she is glad Ajooni came on time. Shikha says that Ajooni is using Sundari. Ajooni tells everything Rajveer. She asks what they will get by lying. Shikha asks her what proof the latter has. She claims that Ajooni and Sundari are lying. Ajooni tells Sundari that they will go to the police station. Rajveer says that Harvinder deserves punishment.

Ravinder says that he doesn’t want this news to keep him from going home. Bebe and Harman oppose Ajooni. Rajveer scolds Harvinder. Ravinder threatens Ajooni and Rajveer not to go to the police station. Rajveer asks him not to try to hide Harvinder’s mistake. Ravinder tells him that Harvinder will be punished, but they can’t go to the police station.


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