Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Dolly admits to mixing black dye into face cream in order to exact revenge on Ajooni. Ravinder tauntingly asks her what she wants to do with her life. He tells Bebe that Dolly won’t change. He says that he knows what he has to do with Dolly. Dolly brings paint at Ravinder’s behest.

Ravinder tries to blacken Dolly’s face. But Ajooni stops him, saying that she can’t tolerate a woman’s insult. She says that she forgave Dolly, so Ravinder does not need to punish Dolly. “Who are you to forgive me?” Dolly asks. She says that she won’t spare Ajooni.

Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Harvinder tells Ravinder that Dolly won’t change. He says that Ajooni can forgive Dolly, but he won’t forgive Dolly. He reminds them that first, he lost his hair due to Dolly and Harman, and now his face is in this condition. Shikha tells Ravinder that Dolly deserves punishment. Dolly asks her to keep quiet. Shikha is about to slap Dolly, but Ravinder stops her.

Ravinder tells Shikha that she can punish Dolly only if she promises to not do any wrongdoings in the future. Shikha remains silent. Harvinder tells Ravinder that the latter can punish them if they do anything wrong. Ravinder orders Dolly to apologize to Harvinder. Dolly apologizes to Harvinder. Harvinder warns her not to repeat the mistake.

On the other hand, Chamko asks the officer to check the lottery ticket again. The officer tells her that someone tricked her because she did not win anything for sure. She realizes that Shikha tricked her. Shikha gives cream to Harvinder. Harvinder says that his eyes are burning. She goes to get water. Shikha is being dragged by Harsh.

He tells her that Dolly saved him, or else anything would have happened to him. He scolds her for staying silent when Rajveer beat him up. He says that he can even kill Shikha if he can kill others for her love, then leaves there. Harvinder comes there and scolds Shikha for not bringing water. Shikha takes him to wash his face.

Harman tells Ravinder that she planned to give gifts to guests because his party member planned a puja. Ravinder praises her idea. Harvinder collides with Sundari, and she drops the gift plate. Ravinder tells Harvinder to help Sundari. Harvinder helps Sundari. Harman orders Sundari to keep the gifts in the car.

Harvinder asks Shikha what’s happened to her now. Shikha tells him that Ravinder scolds him unnecessarily. Harvinder tells her that he is habituated to it. She taunts him. If he has the guts, she challenges him to drink in the house. He drinks. She thinks that she will use him against Rajveer and Ajooni.


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