Agnisakshi 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Agnisakshi 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manas teasing Satvik about Jeevika’s dream of having a lot of babies after her wedding. Satvik asks him to shut up. He says that he is confused about why Jeevika agreed to a compromised marriage when this is her dream. On the other hand, Pratheep is about to see Satvik’s letter. Jhanvi arrives there. She shows him the picture of Jeevika that she clicked. Jhanvi takes Pratheep there to take a selfie. Pratheep leaves the letter on the table.

Here, Manas says to Satvik that maybe Jeevika agreed to this compromised marriage because he repaid her parents’ debt. Satvik experienced the pain of broken dreams, so he refuses to let Jeevika ruin her dreams just because he helped her family. So he decides to talk to Jeevika about it. Manas reminds Satvik that Guruji prohibited them from meeting before their wedding. He suggests that Satvik contact Jeevika. But Satvik refuses, as he wants to talk to Jeevika face-to-face. He is even ready to go against Guruji’s condition for that.

Agnisakshi 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update
Agnisakshi 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Jeevika goes to the room. She discovers the paper Pratheep left on the table. Before she can read it, Pratheep arrives there. He searches for the paper. Jeevika asks what paper he is searching for. Pratheep says that he wrote some accounts on that paper. Jeevika realizes that maybe he is talking about the paper she is holding. She returns it to him. Pratheep asks Jeevika to keep it safe with her and return it to him when they return home.

Pratheep lost consciousness of what he had said. Meanwhile, Satvik goes to Jhanvi, who is playing hide-and-seek. Jhanvi asks Satvik about the paper plane she gave him. Satvik says that he kept it safe in his locker. Satvik seeks Jhanvi’s help to meet Jeevika. Jhanvi asks Satvik to go and meet her in her room. Satvik says that he can’t, as there’s a rule that they can’t meet each other. Jhanvi says that he also likes to break rules.

Here, Pratheep and Jeevika become emotional, realizing that Jeevika will go to her in-laws after the wedding. They share an emotional conversation. He goes to do some work. Jeevika places the letter in the suitcase. There, Jhanvi assures Satvik to tell Jeevika that he wants to talk to her. The next morning, Jeevika’s father and brother discuss her. They wonder whether Jeevika will be happy after the wedding. Narayan arrives there. He hears their talk. He assures Jeevika’s father and brother that Jeevika will be happy in their house. Rajnandhini brings some jewellery for Jeevika. Sukanya refuses to take them, as they already gave Jeevika a lot of jewellery.

There, Rajnandhini requests that Sukanya accept it, considering it a gift from her side. Sukanya hesitates, but Pallavi accepts the jewelry. She’s happy to see the jewelry. Here, Narayan promises Jeevika’s father and brother that Jeevika will be treated as their house’s daughter. Jeevika’s father says to Narayan that he has complete trust in Narayan and Satvik. He talks about Satvik helping them when he doesn’t know them at all. Narayan is confused on hearing this. Jeevika’s father says that Satvik paid their 42 lakh loan and praises Narayan’s upbringing. Narayan is surprised to hear this and becomes happy.

Meanwhile, Sukanya is elated to see Jeevika in her bridal attire. She makes her sit and ties the mundavlya (a forehead ornament used in Maharashtra weddings) around Jeevika’s head. Pallavi says that the jewellery gifted by Rajnandhini made Jeevika look more beautiful. Sukanya says that it’s not because of the jewellery but because of Satvik. Jeevika smiles, feeling shy. Siddhi arrives there and starts to tease Jeevika about her dream to have a dozen babies after the wedding. Jeevika smiles, feeling shy, while Sukanya grows anxious, recalling the doctor’s announcement that Jeevika can never become a mom.


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