Agnisakshi 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Agnisakshi 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Sadvik calling his painter friend, who used to mock him for saying that he always writes to Surpriya even though she never responds, and telling him that Surpriya texted him asking him to meet. Here, Jeevika tells her sister-in-law that she didn’t get the job. Her sister-in-law taunts her. Jeevika hears the ambulance sirens sound and prays for the patient. Her sister-in-law makes the same remark. Surpriya passes by that side and drops her heart-shaped toy. Jeevika picks it up. Jeevika calls out to her and gives it to her. Just then, Sadvik arrives there.

Sadvik meets Surpriya. He is happy that she called him to meet him. He is surprised to see that Surpriya has brought all the presents that he gave her. He correctly states when and where he obtained which gift for Surpriya. The latter wants to return all his presents to Sadvik. Sadvik takes a rose and asks when they should get married, while Surpriya says that they should part ways. Sadvik thinks that Surpriya is playing a prank on him.

Agnisakshi 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Surpriya says no. Sadvik is in shock and blabbers. Surpriya shouts that it’s over between them. Sadvik asks Surpriya not to punish his dad, who is unwell and who wants him to get married. Surpriya apologizes to him and asks him not to expect anything from her. Sadvik asks Surpriya to at least visit his dad in the hospital. Surpriya refuses. She says that this is their last meeting and walks away.

Jeevika is going through her mother’s birthday presents. Her sister-in-law is taunting her about not being able to lie and get the job. Jeevika picks a statue of a mother and child and asks her sister-in-law’s opinion. Her sister-in-law says that finding a job will be a good gift for her aging parents. She asks Jeevika to choose the gift and walks away.

Sadvik goes after Surpriya, calling out her name. On his way, he bumps into Jeevika and pushes her to the side. Jeevika’s feet slip due to the water, and she falls over the railing. She tries to hold the railing, but her hand slips and she falls down. Sadvik is shocked to see this and rushes to help her. Jeevika is lying in a pool of blood. Jeevika’s sister-in-law runs to her, seeing her condition. Sadvik takes Jeevika to the hospital in his car. On the way, Jeevika’s sister-in-law blames Sadvik for Jeevika’s condition.

Sadvik’s dad, Narayan, refuses to get ready for the operation until Sadvik agrees to get married. Sadvik’s sister-in-law assures Narayan that Sadvik said that he would bring his soon-to-be daughter-in-law to the hospital to make her meet him. Meanwhile, Sadvik gets Jeevika admitted to the same hospital where his dad is hospitalized. Jeevika holds Sadvik’s hand when she is taken onto the stretcher. She’s been taken inside the operation theater. Sadvik stands outside. His sister-in-law arrives there.

The doctor is trying to convince Narayan to have the operation. Sadvik and his sister-in-law arrive there. Narayan asks Sadvik where his daughter-in-law is. He asks Sadvik to agree to get married. His health deteriorates. Sadvik promises his dad to do as he wants without any options. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s mom and Swara reach the hospital. They cry after learning that she’s in the operating room.

Sadvik’s sister-in-law asks Sadvik what happened in the mall. Sadvik says that he didn’t know what happened because everything happened too fast. He says that the girl is his responsibility until she recovers. His sister-in-law says to Sadvik that even his sister and brother are his responsibility, and they need him now, so she will handle this.

Shlok asks Sadvik about Surpriya and asks why he made such a promise to their dad. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s sister-in-law argues with Swara when she learns that they are going to spend the money she saved to get her mortgaged gold chain back on Jeevika’s treatment instead of the FD created for Jeevika’s marriage.

Jeevika’s mother asks them to stop fighting when Jeevika is combating death. Here, Shlok asks Sadvik about promising their dad to get married. Sadvik says to Shlok that he will explain everything to him later. Sadvik goes to Aadiya. Aadiya cries and says that first, they lost their mom, then their brother, and she’s scared of losing their dad now.

Sadvik consoles her. Shlok asks Sadvik about the blood stains on his coat. Sadvik recalls Jeevika. He says nothing to Shlok. Jeevika’s sister-in-law enquires at the reception about the total hospital charges for Jeevika and learns that the bill is already paid by the person who admitted her to the hospital. Jeevika’s sister-in-law is happy to hear this. The doctor says to Jeevika’s mom and her sister-in-law that Jeevika’s operation was successful, but her ovaries were damaged as she fell from a height. So, she can never conceive. Jeevika’s mom is shocked to hear this. Sadvik’s sister-in-law arrives there, and she also hears this.

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