Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update


Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajeev having a conversation with Rakshita. He apologizes for his mistake and insists she forgives him. She shows her anger regarding his rude behavior, while he recalls his words and accepts that he did wrong to her. She was about to leave from there, but he stops her and asks her to give one more chance to him.

She says that she loves him but she wants to be his wife and without that relationship, they can’t stay together. He assures her that soon he will get rid of Amrita and will fulfill all the demands of Rakshita. He proclaims that soon he will welcome her into his life officially.

Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Rakshita smiles hearing Rajeev’s promise while the latter hugs her tightly. At that moment Amrita comes there and stands near the door. Rajeev and Rakshita get shocked to see her when she comes inside the room. She confronts them about the matter while Rakshita handles the situation by saying that she came to Rajeev for help, as her phone wasn’t working and Rajeev is good with repairing gadgets.

Rakshita goes away from there while Amrita stops Rajeev and shares her worry with him regarding Tara. She states that their daughter is behaving weirdly since Chanda came into their life. She states that they have to do something, while he misbehaves with her. He blames her for the situation while she requests him to forget their misunderstanding.

Elsewhere, Rajeev warns Amrita that soon she will find out about the action he has taken for their misunderstanding. He leaves thereafter taunting Amrita, while the latter gets confused with his behavior. Meanwhile, Heera and Panna mock Chanda as she comes to meet them. They say that she is trying to show off her luxuries while she denies their allegations and says that they are still her family.

Chanda decides to remove the gold chain from her neck which was given by Rajeshwari. She says that if they have a problem with the chain then she won’t wear it. She was about to remove it when Gauri comes there and stops her. She rebukes Chanda and warns her to keep it always with herself, stating that they have the luxuries till Chanda wears the chain.

Ahead, Gauri scolds Heera and Panna also and sends them away from the room. Chanda cries and states that she just wanted to meet her family as Amrita told her that she can visit them whenever she wants. Gopal consoles her and makes her laugh. He cheers her mood and gets hurt by Gauri’s behavior towards Chanda.

Rajeev and Amrita arrange a special way to make Tara understand that their love for her will never change. They make her recall they’re happy moments and proclaim that nothing will change if Chanda comes into their life. Whereas, Tara makes a fake promise to her parents and smirks thinking about her ploy against Chanda. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari asks about the party preparation from Amrita while the latter assures her.

Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

At that time Tara makes a ploy against Chanda and asks her to come to the stairs in order to make her fall with the wire. Further, Gauri gets shocked to see Tara’s plan but Chanda gets saved as Ranjini moves upstairs before her and gets injured. Gauri hides the wire to save Tara and becomes impressed with her plan. She encourages her while the latter determines to throw Chanda out of her house.

Meanwhile, Rajeshwari announces adopting Chanda in front of all the guests, in order to give the latter a platform to showcase her talent. Amrita confronts Rajeshwari for not telling the truth and states that Chanda won’t be able to accept them, but the latter scolds her and says that they can’t reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Chanda comes there in a joker costume and misbehaves with Amrita when the latter tries to question her, while Tara smirks looking at the scenario.

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