Bigg Boss Tamil 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss Tamil 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The show begins on Day 29 at 11.40 pm, Azeem reads new luxury budget task information. He shares with them that the Bigg Boss house will turn into a sweet factory this week. They want to show their hardwork and struggle in this task. When owners refused to raise your salary they want to strike for it. There will be two factories. Housemates should concentrate to cook more sweets from their opponents.

Bigg Boss will give orders at any time. 7 contestants should be selected for Quality check. When the buzzer plays two quality checkers will check the quality of the sweets and announce the points to Bigg Boss. The remaining 5 housemates are workers.

Bigg Boss Tamil 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Tamil 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Each team wants to choose its owner, head, and manager to their team. One person should take Delivery. Their savings will choose the winner of the task. Those who performed well in the task and the best performers of the team will go to the Nomination free task. Azeem narrates the rules to them.

At 12.30 am, Azeem asks the Housemates to choose the 7 quality checkers first. Aysha, Ram, Queency, Mynaa, Robert, Nivaa, Manikandan. Azeem announced the team’s members’ names. Team A are Kathir, ADK, Vickraman, Azeem, and Maheshwari. Team B is Amudhavanan, Ratchitha, Janany and Dhanalakshmi, and Shivin.

Team, A sweet factory name is Ada Then Adai. Team B sweets factory name is Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya. Housemates clap for them. Later, Aysha and Ram decided to go for the first order Quality check.

At 1.00 am, Manikandan asks Maheshwari to take care of the team. Opponents are very strong. She is the only girl in her group. But it’s easy to steal money from their group. Shivin shared her ideas with her group.

On day 30 at 7.30 am, the Morning wake-up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing to the song ” Kutchi mittai kuruvirotti” and greet each other

At 8.45 am, Buzzer plays inside the house. Both teams are pushing each other to take the product name. Azeem team takes one and the Amudhavanan team takes one. Dhanalakshmi steals the product’s name from Azeem’s team. Manikandan alerts them that they stole their products. Azeem asks them Is this a new strategy? Robert says that it’s wrong actually. Mynaa asks him to control his emotions. Team B shows their products to the camera.

At 9.15 am, Shivin collects their products from the store room. She says to Ratchitha that the products came. Buzzer plays there. Both teams start fighting to take their products. Azeem complained that Amudhavanan broke the belt. Amudhavanan says that it’s not a belt. It came to his hand when he lost his balance. It seems he is waiting to accuse him. Azeem denied it. Both teams show their product’s name to the camera.

At 9.25 am, Shivin collects their team’s things and shares with them that cardamon sent to both teams. It seems they will pass the products to them if they hold them. Azeem shared with his team that they want to tear the product’s name at least to get the products.

At 9.40 am, Buzzer plays again both teams are fighting to take the things.

At 10.05 am, Bigg Boss asks both teams to start preparing sweets.

At 10.45 am, Buzzer plays there both teams rushed to take the things. Ratchitha alerts them that it’s a break. Aysha asks the housemates to eat the food during break time. They won’t get free time again so use this time to finish the food.

At 11.45 am, Bigg Boss gives the order to both teams. He asks them to give 150 pieces. They will send these sweets to children for Kamal Hasan’s birthday. Housemates appreciate it. He adds that only 20 minutes time for them to give delivery. Countdown starts.

At 12.20 pm, Aysha and Ram are checking the sweets stall and its hygiene. Azeem says to Aysha that they aren’t able to take responsibility if they ruin its shape while quality checking. Ram and Aysha are checking it. She inquires Maheshwari about what they extra added to it.

Maheshwari says that they added Cardamon to it. Aysha says to them that she didn’t get the cardamon taste in it. Teams start interrupting her results. Aysha asks them to let her speak. Aysha says to them that she noted cardamon in their stall. Vickram says to her that the children going to eat it so they didn’t add extra to it. They used Cardamon to decorate it. Aysha confirms with them about the details again.

At 1.10 pm, Aysha says to them that they didn’t maintain hygiene. Azeem argues with Aysha that she is lying. Aysha is adamant about her decision. She says to them that Azeem worked without using gloves. She will doubt that he touched the sweets without gloves too. He wiped his sweat sign tissue and worked with the same glouse again. His sweat touched it.

Azeem denied it. Aysha says that it’s her point. Minus point to them. Azeem says that they are only quality checkers, not hygienic ones. Aysha says that she is doing her duty and giving respect to them. But they are not giving it return to her. She asks ADK to check his teammate’s attitude. Aysha complained that ADK touched the sweets after he touched the hair cap. There is an argument going on between both of them.

ADK says to Aysha that it hurt him personally when she asked them to eat on break. They are workers, not slaves. Ram shouldn’t have asked him to mention him as sir. They are in Tamilnadu so giving respect to everyone is important. Hair stuck in his cap it was a mistake.

No one tried to help him there. Aysha says that she doesn’t understand it. Bigg Boss asks the quality checker to give the points. Aysha says that she rejected the three yellow boxes reasoning three sweets box shape isn’t good and tasted different. The remaining three boxes are perfect. Total 91 pieces.

At 1.25 pm, Amudhavanan praised ADK. He says to Vickram that he may be surprised to see someone talking better than him. Vickram says that he likes others talking well. Stop portraying him in wrong. Amudhavanan says that it’s just a joke. Vickraman says to him it’s not a joke. Amudhavanan brings up some old incidents there to accuse him. Both start arguing over this issue.

At 1.45 pm, Team B Gives their sweets for quality check. Shivin explains to Aysha about the ingredients and the way they decorated it. Aysha says to Team B that she noticed that Shivin didn’t use her gloves too. She adds that Ratchitha didn’t change her gloves and keeps working with them. Their presentation was good. Azeem and ADK complained that she didn’t ask many questions to them but showed an attitude toward their team.

Aysha says that Shivin explains everything to her. When she gave her comments to them. They didn’t argue with her like that. Azeem says that they showed a reaction to her action. Aysha asks him to check the difference between both of their sweets box. Azeem accepts that their presentation is amazing. Aysha announces that 120 pieces are selected. Bigg Boss asks them to seal both team boxes and give the delivery.

At 3.00 pm, Bigg Boss send money to them. Team A gets 910 points and Team B gets 1200 points.

At 3.20 pm Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the owner of their team. Team A chooses Vickraman and Team B Dhanalakshmi as their owner. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the head and Manager of their team. Team A chooses Maheshwari as their Team Manager. Kathir and Azeem will prepare sweets and ADK will be the delivery boy.

Bigg Boss Tamil 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Team B chooses Shivin as Manager. Janany and Ratchitha will prepare sweets and Amudhavanan will be a delivery boy. Manikandan and Queency will be the next quality checkers. Buzzer plays there. Team B collects the products.

At 4.10 pm, Manikandan and Queency are doing a quality check. They give good points to Team B. He says to Team A that consistency isn’t here. It’s too sweet. They reject their sweet Box.

At 4.45 pm, Maheshwari questions Vickraman why didn’t he hears her suggestions. Azeem argues with Maheshwari. Vickraman apologizes to her for not listening to her. He got influenced. Azeem and Maheshwari are arguing with each other. Azeem says to him that he wants to quit.

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