Sitting for a long time in the office has caused stiffness in the back, so these 4 exercises can give relief from back pain


Stiffness and pain in the back are common problems due to wrong sitting posture, poor lifestyle, heavy exercise and working long hours in the office. On the other hand, most of the women are neither able to exercise properly nor take proper nutrition in the morning. All these mistakes and carelessness often lead to back, neck and back pain. Before this problem escalates, you have to make efforts towards its permanent solution. To help you out, in this article on Health Shots, we bring you 4 yoga poses that can give you relief from backache and back stiffness.

These 4 yogasanas will help to remove back stiffness

1. Setubandhasana (bridge pose)

Setubandhasana i.e. Bridge Pose stretches the spine and reduces stiffness and pain in the back.

Know how to do Setubandhasana for the waist

To begin with, lie down straight on the yoga mat.

Now keep both the hands straight on the side and bend your knees.

Then slowly raise the body upwards from the waist. During this, keep your hands on the surface.

Now stay in this posture for some time then come back to normal position.

Repeat this four to five times for proper results.

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Balasan will also come to your work. Picture-Shutterstock.

2. Balasana (child pose)

Balasana stretches your neck and back muscles and helps in relieving pain. Along with this, it can also help you in relieving back, thigh and ankle pain.

Know how to do Balasan for the waist

To do this yoga asana, lie down with your knees bent.

Tilt your body forward and touch your forehead to the ground. During this, keep your back straight.

When you are in this pose, you will feel a stretch in the spine.

During this, keep both your hands straight forward. Then remain in this posture for about 60 to 30 seconds.

This will stretch your back muscles and increase blood circulation. Due to which you will get relief from back stiffness.

Know how to do Shalabhasan for relief from back stiffness. Image Shutterstock.

3. Shalabhasana (locust pose)

The bending of the back in the pose of Shalabhasana will help you to overcome back and waist fatigue. Along with this, this posture also strengthens the muscles of the back, legs and arms.

Know how to do Shalabhasana for relief from back stiffness

To do Shalabhasana, lie down on the mat on your back. Keep the leg straight and keep your hands straight behind you.

Keep both the ankles completely close to each other.

Now lift the head, chest and arms off the floor as high as you can. You can put both your hands behind your back.

Stay in this posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute according to your ability. Then come back to normal posture.

Repeat this at least 3 to 4 times.

apke shareer kaa bhar kuchh der ke lie aage ki ore shift ho peeth ko dard se nijaat deta hai
By shifting the weight of your body forward, it relieves back pain. Image Shutterstock.

4. Downward-Facing Dog

This yoga asana is an effective way to get rid of back pain and back pain. It balances your body and improves blood circulation in the muscles.

For the back, do this downward facing breathing

First of all, bend your body from the waist forward and make a V (v) shape by leaning on the surface with your hands.

Keep your legs and front torso straight.

Remain in this position for about 1 minute. After that come back to normal position. This will give you relief from back pain and stiffness.

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