Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri Bio, Wiki, Age, Family


Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri Bio, Wiki, Age, Family: Sudhir Suri, a prominent Hindutva right-wing leader hailing from Punjab, was known as Sudhir Suri. He was also the president of the Hindu Shiv Sena. He was a member of the Hindu Shiv Sena, Punjab, and was the leader of the fundamentalist group. Amristar Rural Police booked him in April 2020 for making unsavory comments about the Tablighi Jamaat Community. Sudhir Suri’s other name is SK Suri. He was granted Y-category security.

Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri Bio, Wiki, Age, Family

Sudhir Suri Biography

Specifications Details
Name Sudhir Suri
Age 58
Wife Madhu Suri
Children Manik Suri, Ekalvya Suri, and Paras Suri
Height 6 feet
Networth N/A

Sudhir Suri Death

Sudhir Suri, died in Amritsar after he was gunned down on the 4th of November 2022. He was shot despite the presence of Punjab Police officers and local Police during protests against the management of Gopal Mandal. Some idols and posters were found broken close to the temple. According to the Police, he was shot five times. Sunny, aged 31, was identified as the culprit. Sunny is the owner and operator of a nearby garment shop. Sunny was arrested by the Police

Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri Wiki

Sudhir Suri was the Shiv Sena leader in Punjab. Sudhir was arrested in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, due to an undesirable video clip fragmenting women and instituting after alleged bitterness between two groups. However, Sudhir declined the allegations. Sudhir was booked third time in July 2021. He was accused of sharing a video on social media that exposed words opposing a particular community.

Sudhir Suri Age

Shiv Sena Sudhir Suri was 58 years old when he died and was born on March 12, 1964.  Sudhir was on the gangsters’ lists for which the Government employed Punjab eight officers security. He was also on the list of Khalistani,. Khalistani is a group that is a part of the Khalistan movement. The group’s goal is to make a Sikh homeland Khalistan through an armed struggle.

Sudhir Suri Family

Sudhir Suri has a wife named Madhu Suri. The couple is blessed with three sons. Sudhir Suri’s grandfather’s name is Lala Gyan Chand Suri. He follows Hinduism. Sudhir Suri has three sons. Their names are Manik Suri, Ekalvya Suri, and Paras Suri. Other details about his wife and children are not known.

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