How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working?

How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working? Picture-in-picture can be used on your smartphone to view YouTube videos while you are using other apps. Picture-in-picture reduces the video to a small player that you can drag around your home screen. It will always be displayed above any other applications. You can also conduct other work while you watch YouTube videos.

To play picture-in-picture, simply hit the Android home button (the icon for the house) and the movie will switch to PiP windows. To resume playback, double tap on the PiP window within the YouTube app. To completely close the PiP window, drag it to the bottom.

How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working

Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022

Smartphones are becoming more like desktop computers, especially for entertainment and YouTube video viewing. The battle for desktop computing started with Android phones in split screen mode, and then with Picture-in-Picture. YouTube supports picture-in-picture mode. The PIP may not work for everyone. YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature can be difficult for some people. This article will help you solve the YouTube picture-in–picture problem.

How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working?

Method 1 – Restart Your Phone

  • Picture-in-picture problems could be caused by a temporary bug in your phone’s communication or application module. To fix the problem, your phone can be restarted.
  • The power button on your phone should be pressed until you see the power menu. From there, choose Power off.
  • Wait until your phone is completely off before you turn it on again.
  • After restarting, check to make sure the YouTube picture-in-picture function is working.

Method 2 – Enable Picture in Picture Feature in YouTube and Phone Settings

  • Open the Settings menu on your phone and choose Application Manager or Apps.
  • Next, tap the More icon at the top or bottom of your screen to open Configure Apps.
  • Next, choose Picture-in-Picture then select Special Access.
  • Then, flip the switch to turn on picture-in-picture YouTube.
  • Start the YouTube app right now and then tap on the symbol to create a user profile.
  • Next, touch General under Settings.
  • After enabling the picture in the picture, switch the switch to the on position to check if the problem is fixed.
  • To see the notification tray, open the video and start it again. Next, tap Settings to check if YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature works properly.

Method 3 – Update YouTube App

YouTube’s app is updated to fix bugs and add new functionality. This problem may occur if you are using an older version. This problem can be solved by upgrading to the latest version of the YouTube app.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • In the search box, type “YouTube”.
  • To check if an update is available, tap the Update button.
  • If an update is not available, you can use the next method.

Method 4 – Clear YouTube App Cache

YouTube uses a cache to improve its performance and user experience. If the cache of YouTube is corrupted, this error can occur. If the YouTube app is having technical problems, clearing the cache may be an option. Do the following:

  • The YouTube app must be closed.
  • Go to settings on your smartphone.
  • Click the Apps and Notifications button.
  • Click YouTube.
  • Tap to select Force Stop
  • Click Storage.
  • After that, click the CLEAR CACHE button.

Method 5 – Play Video in Portrait Mode

The photo should be able to be used in landscape orientation in picture mode. You might have to use the photo in portrait mode instead of in picture mode. This could be fixed by switching to landscape mode.

  • Start the YouTube app and then start a video.
  • Press the Home button to change the mode of the picture and the video to portrait/vertical.

Method 6 – Use Chrome Browser

  • Start the Chrome web browser.
  • In the search box, type “YouTube”.
  • Select Desktop Site from the drop-down menu by tapping on the hamburger icon
  • Press the YouTube first result immediately, and then click Open in the new tab.
  • Next, select the tab with YouTube open.
  • Play a video, then select full-screen mode.
  • To view the picture in picture mode swipe down from your screen and click the Home button

We hope you found this information useful and were able to fix the YouTube photo-in-picture problem.

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