Stomach Cancer Awareness Month: Indigestion and bloating can be signs of stomach cancer, don’t ignore it


Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in India. Along with this, colon cancer is the fourth most common cancer in India. It is seen more in men than in women. Also, after the age of 60, its chances increase significantly. In view of the increasing cases of stomach cancer, it is very important to have awareness among the people about it. Because usually its symptoms are difficult to recognize and gradually it becomes serious. Therefore, it is very important to get it treated in time. The month of November is celebrated as Stomach cancer awareness month. During this, various programs and campaigns are run in hospitals and institutions to spread awareness about it among the people. So let’s make ourselves aware about all the information related to colon cancer this month.

Here are some common symptoms seen in stomach cancer

frequent abdominal pain
trouble swallowing water or food
feeling full after eating a small amount of food
feeling bloated after eating
sour belching
frequent vomiting
loss of appetite
burning sensation in stomach
sudden weight loss
feeling very tired without doing anything physically
black stool
blood in stool
frequent heartburn and gas problems

yahan jane pet ke cancer ka karan
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What can be the causes of colon cancer

Smoking and tobacco use.
Helicobacter pylori infection.
Consumption of excessively spicy and salty foods instead of fruits and vegetables.
Exposure to coal, metal, rubber and dust and dirt.
If the problem of ulcer persists for a long time.
Consumption of alcohol in excess.
Being overweight.
Deficiency of red blood cells.
If there is a problem of bloating in the stomach.
On the basis of family history.

Can colon cancer be prevented?

It is not always necessary that colic is the cause of colon cancer. Despite this, after knowing those reasons, it is also important to know how you can save yourself and your family from this serious problem. Let us know some preventive measures for this.

1. Take special care of food

According to Dr. Siddharth Turkar, Medical Oncology, Narayana Health, a person consuming packaged food and extra salt in the food is most prone to colon cancer. The biggest cause of colon cancer can be your wrong diet. In such a situation, it is very important to follow a right diet.

Therefore, include healthy foods rich in vitamin A, fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients in your diet. It reduces your chances of cancer. Along with this, it is also important to avoid the consumption of stale food kept in the fridge.

2. Stay away from smoking and alcohol

According to Dr Siddhartha Turkar, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol can be the cause of colon cancer. So if you do not want to fall prey to this problem, then quit smoking today and limit the consumption of alcohol as much as possible.

Smoking can cause colon cancer. Image : Shutterstock

If you can leave it, then avoiding it completely will be even more beneficial. However, alcohol and smoking can lead to cancer diseases like not only colon cancer but also breast, throat, bladder, lungs, kidney, pancreas etc.

3. Maintaining a proper weight is essential

According to Doctor Siddharth, the problem of colon cancer is seen in most people who are overweight. So be physically active so that you can maintain a healthy weight. Along with this, keep distance from such foods which cause weight gain. Because such foods not only increase weight, but also affect the health of your stomach. In such a situation, a wrong diet gives rise to two causes of colon cancer, so it is very important to keep it balanced.

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