Here are 6 things that should never be done during pregnancy, may increase the risk of miscarriage


Being a mother is a pleasant feeling. In this, the feeling of giving birth to a new organism, while living life normally for 9 months, is felt equally. Unless there is a complication. A pregnant woman can maintain everyday activities, with minor changes. They may have to take special care of some things (things not to do in pregnancy) so that both they and their unborn baby can remain healthy. Certain activities can potentially harm the developing fetus. We talked to Senior Gynecologist and Pediatrics Dr. Lisa Sharma for what things not to do during pregnancy.

Here are 6 things that must not be done during pregnancy (list of 6 activities, must not be done in pregnancy period)

1 Avoid eating foods that contain listeria bacteria (listeria bacteria presence in food can harm foetus)

Dr. Lisa says, ‘Consuming certain foods during pregnancy can be harmful. There are certain foods that a pregnant woman should avoid. Foods that are likely to contain Listeria bacteria, such as less processed meats, raw meats, chicken salads, unwashed fruits or vegetables, unpasteurized juices, dairy products, etc. Listeria present in it can cross the placenta and harm the fetus. Do not eat fish that are likely to contain mercury. Mercury can damage the brain of the fetus. There is a possibility of food poisoning from any kind of spoiled food. Dehydration, fever and intrauterine sepsis can also occur. It can be fatal to the fetus. Raw eggs can contain salmonella bacteria. Pregnant should avoid consuming any foods containing raw eggs. Too much caffeine can also cross the placenta and affect the fetus.

2 heating devices to be avoided (avoid heating machine)

Relaxing in hot water can be effective in reducing pregnancy discomfort, but using too hot water, exposure to extreme heat can also be harmful. It can cause high body temperature, which can lead to congenital abnormalities. Therefore hot tubs and sauna baths should be taken less. Warm water should be used.

3 Avoid sports like football, boxing and fall prone

Dr. Lisa explains, ‘Contact sports increase the risk of having placental abdominal problems. From this the placenta detaches prematurely from the wall of the uterus. It can also lead to abortion, which can lead to premature birth, loss of pregnancy or stillbirth. Pregnant people are also at higher risk of injury. During this time, hormonal changes keep happening in the body, due to which the ligaments become loose. During pregnancy, the center of gravity changes as the belly moves forward. Therefore, falling during pregnancy should be avoided. Refrain from skiing, ice-skating and rock climbing. Avoid any jerky movements that cause placental abruption. It can cause motion sickness.

4 Avoiding some household activities

Dust, soil, cleaning of garbage, mopping, lifting heavy items should be avoided. Not only does this increase the risk of infection, but lifting excess weight can also lead to abortion.

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Some household chores should be avoided during pregnancy. Image : Shutterstock

The bacteria present in the dirt can put you at risk of toxoplasmosis. This can make the child blind or mentally retarded.

5 avoid heavy exercise

Do not exercise much during pregnancy. Do any type of exercise only after consulting a doctor. Limiting exercise may also be advised if you have any health problems. When healthy, a pregnant woman can do moderate-paced exercise for 20-30 minutes daily.

6 Wrong way to lie down

After the first trimester, one should avoid lying on the back and should not do such exercises at all, which can cause their imbalance or fall.

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Avoid lying on your back after the first trimester of pregnancy. Image : Shutterstock

Apart from these, smoking, drinking or the use of such drugs should be avoided, which are responsible for hormonal imbalance or increase the risk of abortion.

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