From increasing memory to focusing, Hakini Mudra can do everything, know everything about it

We all know that the body weakens with increasing age. Along with this, the working system of the body is not as good. The biggest effect of aging is on our brain. That’s why we often see that our aging parents or grand parents often go through the problem of memory loss. They have to face many difficulties in focusing on one thing. So today in this article we are going to tell about a mudra which is considered very beneficial for the brain. Today we are going to talk about Hakini currency.

What is Hakini currency?

Hakini Mudra is a hand gesture named after a Hindu goddess Hakini. It is believed that Goddess Hakini is the goddess of the third eye. That’s why this mudra is dedicated to him. Apart from this, it is also believed that if this mudra is done regularly then it can help in increasing focus.

Hakini Mudra is a Hasta Mudra, which means it is performed with the hands. It can be practiced while sitting in any posture like Sukhasan or Padmasana.

Know how you can do Hakini Mudra

Sit in Padmasana or Vajrasana in any comfortable position.

Now close your eyes comfortably and focus upwards towards the third eye i.e. between the eyebrows.

Now breathe slowly and continuously. By removing the mind from consciousness to the outside world, focus your attention on the breath.

Then bring your hands on the knees or thighs in such a way that both the palms are facing upwards.

Slowly raise both the hands in front of each other at chest level and try to touch the tip of each finger with the other hand.

Focusing on the third eye. Place your tongue on the palate. Breathe in to touch the palate and exhale as you exhale.

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It is also important for your brain. Image : Shuttercock

Keep in mind that the duration of inhalation and exhalation should match each other.

Do this mudra while chanting OM in your mind and keep all unnecessary thoughts away.

Practice this Hakini Mudra regularly for 30 to 45 minutes.

In Hakini Mudra, there is a combination of five fingers of both the hands. And these five fingers represent the five elements:

little finger – water element
ring finger – earth element
middle finger – ether
index finger – air element
thumb finger – fire element

How is Hakini Mudra beneficial for you?

This mudra can help in increasing your memory power, concentration and focus.

Deep breathing in this pose increases the supply of oxygen to the brain. Hence, it improves our functioning and brainpower.

Hakini Mudra helps in understanding logical power and creative aspects.

This mudra activates the qualities of attention, alertness and curiosity.

Doing this mudra helps you in overcoming various psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Practicing this mudra while following a sattvik lifestyle helps you in your spiritual journey.

This mudra also helps in balancing the blood pressure and doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) of the body.

Continuous breathing in this mudra also clears the nostrils.

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