Rosemary oil is the solution to many hair problems, know the right way to use


Hair breakage, damage and premature graying are all common problems due to environmental changes and lack of essential nutrients. Also, we do not get time to pay attention to our hair while running between office and home. If you go to the parlor with your problems, then along with the expense, those chemical-rich products also have a negative effect on your hair. However, we have a simple and effective solution to all your hair related problems with “Rosemary Oil”. Know what is the right way to use it (how to use rosemary oil for hair).

Rich in vital nutrients, this oil is very beneficial for the overall health of your hair. So let us know some of its important benefits as well as know the right way to apply it on the hair.

First know how Rosemary oil is beneficial for hair

1. Reduces hair fall

Massaging the scalp with rosemary improves blood circulation. Also it strengthens the hair follicles. In such a situation, the hair becomes stronger from the root and the problem of hair fall is also reduced.

hair fall
Rosemary is effective in hair fall. Image: Shutterstock

According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, there are many hair fall-reducing medicines and products in which rosemary is used. Along with this, if the blood circulation of the scalp is healthy, then the growth of hair is also very good.

2. Strengthens hair

The use of rosemary repairs damaged hair and prevents new hair from getting damaged. Along with this, it strengthens the hair from the root and is beneficial in the problem of hair loss. At the same time, it also helps in increasing the density of the hair. In addition, the hair becomes shiny and the elasticity of the hair also increases.

3. Protects the scalp from infections and allergies

The anti-inflammatory properties present in rosemary oil maintains the health of the scalp and protects it from allergies and infections. In such a situation, the scalp remains healthy and hair growth is also very good.

Reduce Dandruff. Image Shutterstock.

4. It is also effective in the problem of dandruff

Antibacterial and antifungal properties are found in rosemary, which help in controlling the problems related to the side. Along with this, if there is a possibility of fungal and bacterial infections due to dandruff, then it reduces it and prevents hair breakage.

Now know the right way to use rosemary oil for hair

1. Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is one of the most effective ways to transport essential nutrients of rosemary oil to the sand. Mix four to five drops of rosemary oil in coconut, almond or any other oil and give a good massage to your scalp. If you want, you can keep it for the whole day or else wash your hair after some time of massage.

2. Use with Shampoo

If you wish, mix rosemary oil with your regular shampoo, conditioner and hair cream and apply it on your hair. However, do not add too much rosemary, 5 drops of it will be enough. Now you can headwash with your hair product like regular days.

hair fall
Prevent hair breakage with the help of these herbs. Image : Shutterstock

3. Can be added to your home remedies

These days the trend of home remedies is very much going on. In such a situation, people are leaving chemical-rich products and making things like hair masks and hair conditioners naturally at home. If you want, you can make rosemary oil one of the ingredients used in these recipes. This will further enhance the quality of your prescriptions.

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