To bring childlike innocence on your face, then do honey facial at home with these 5 steps


The winter season has started, in such a situation, along with the change in health, our skin also starts changing. Skin starts appearing dry. Due to which you need to moisturize the skin again and again. In all this, our natural glow also starts decreasing. In such a situation, along with making necessary changes in diet, we need to make such changes in our skin care. Due to which the skin remains soft, soft and innocent like children. To solve this problem of yours, we have come up with How to do Honey facial at home. Which will help you to keep the skin moisturized and glowing in the changing seasons.

But before that let us tell you how honey is beneficial for your skin –

Honey is like a natural moisturizer for the skin. According to the National Institutes of Health, applying honey to bruises or burns can be beneficial. Along with this, honey can also be used in other skin related problems.

Honey helps in moisturizing your skin by deep cleaning it. The good bacteria found in it help in fighting the problem of acne, the same particles found in it help in removing dirt from the skin.

Let us now know how to do honey facial at home

do the cleansing first

For cleansing with honey, take two spoons of raw milk in a bowl. Now prepare a thick paste by mixing equal quantity of honey in it. Apply it on the skin with the help of a cotton pad or brush and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash the face with it with plain water.

Benefits of Cleansing

Raw milk and honey both act as natural cleansers for the face. Cleansing with raw milk and honey will clear the dust on the skin and your natural glow will remain.

Exfoliation ke liye dahi paste
Scrubbing to exfoliate. Image : Shutterstock

Now do the scrubbing

For honey scrubbing, take a spoonful of coffee powder in a bowl. Now add one spoon of honey to it and add one spoon of rose water. This will make a thick paste. Scrub with this paste lightly for 2 to 3 minutes. Wash the face with it with clean water.

Know the benefits of scrubbing

The fine particles found in coffee will help to deep clean the skin. Rose water will help in giving glow to the skin.

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The third step is steaming

Taking steam will open the pores from your skin, which will make skin cleansing even easier. For this, heat water in a steamer or bowl, and add a few drops of your favorite facial oil to it and steam it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Massage in the fourth step

For massaging, take 2 teaspoons of honey in a bowl and mix 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel in it. After this, massage with this massage cream from face to neck with light hands for 10 minutes.

benefits of massage

Honey massage will improve your blood circulation. Your skin cells will get a soft touch and it will help in improving the skin from inside.

face mask
This face pack will give you healthy and glowing skin in minutes. Image: Shutterstock

Fifth and last step face mask

To make honey face mask, mix one spoon gram flour, 2 spoon curd, one spoon sandalwood powder, two spoon honey and half spoon turmeric in a bowl. If needed, prepare a thick paste by adding rose water to it. Now leave it on the face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes. After that wash the face and see the difference.

Know why Honey Face Mask is so special for you

Honey face mask will help in making the skin glowing from within. While the turmeric included in it will heal the skin, due to the lactic acid in the curd, it will act as a natural foundation. Besan is beneficial for making the skin soft and smooth. All these ingredients together nourish your skin. Which helps in bringing back its natural glow and softness.

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