These 7 vegetables coming in this season can control diabetes, experts are telling how


Due to the changing lifestyle and diet, many diseases are increasing very fast. One such lifestyle disease is diabetes. According to the report of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 74 million people in India are suffering from diabetes. India ranks second in the world with the highest number of people suffering from diabetes. At the same time, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 442 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes. Therefore, you should take special care of your diet and routine.

A diabetic patient has to take care of his diet the most. In diabetes one has to eat something or the other once in a while. Due to which the blood sugar level is controlled. But this does not mean that you start unhealthy eating. Doing this can increase your sugar level. In addition, the risk of weight gain and other diseases also increases. So to avoid this unhealthy eating, today we have brought a healthy vegetable juice for you.

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Include green leafy vegetables in your diet. Image : Shuttercock

Clinical nutritionist and dietician Garima says that it is important for diabetics to consume a variety of vegetables. After getting bored with your regular diet, you can try a delicious and healthy vegetable juice.

Vegetables like cucumber, tomato, gooseberry, bottle gourd, coriander, ginger and spinach are low in starch. But they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Which help you to better control diabetes.

Here are 5 vegetables that can be helpful in controlling diabetes

1 Cucumber

Dietitian Garima says, “Cucumbers contain antidiabetic properties. Which helps in controlling the glucose level in the blood of a person suffering from diabetes. Along with this, it can also reduce to some extent in the prevention of complications of diabetes.

2 Tomatoes

Naringin, a compound found in tomatoes, is an antidiabetic, which can help control blood sugar levels. Additionally, tomato juice contains vitamin-C, vitamin-E lycopene, beta-carotene, flavonoids, folate and potassium, which may reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes.

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3 Amla

According to the research done by the Research Development Cell of Father Mueller Medical College, Karnataka, amla contains special elements named corilagin, gallotenin, gallic acid and ellagic acid. All of these ingredients exhibit antioxidant and antidiabetic effects, which can help control elevated blood sugar.

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Green vegetables are better for health. Image : Shutterstock

4 Spinach

The scientific name of spinach is Spinacea oleracea. It is a good source of iron. Along with this, it also contains many nutrients which are beneficial not only for diabetes but also for overall health.

5 Ginger

Ginger controls the increased blood sugar level. Along with this, ginger also helps in increasing the insulin serum. This helps in controlling diabetes.

6 Bottle gourd

Gourd contains anti-diabetic properties, which work to reduce glucose in the blood. Along with this, gourd also works to increase the activation of insulin.

7 Coriander leaves

According to a research, coriander leaves have properties that reduce blood sugar. Which works to control diabetes.

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Green juice is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Image: Shutterstock

Prepare antidiabetic juice from these seven vegetables

Cucumber – 1
Tomato – 1
Ginger – 1 inch
Coriander – 1 cup
Gourd – 200 grams
Spinach – 100 grams
Amla – 2

Prepare Vegetable Juice in this way

First wash all the vegetables with clean water. After this cut them and extract the juice with the help of juicer. Now filter it and take it out in a glass. Consuming it in the morning will be most beneficial. But do not consume it on an empty stomach. If you want, you can also add lemon juice to it for taste.

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