Twitter: Resignations of CEO and CFO are just the beginning of changes, know what will happen next?

Twitter: With Musk taking control of Twitter, top executives have left the company. However, it is believed that this is only the beginning of big changes.

Twitter: Resignations of CEO and CFO are just the beginning of changes, know what will happen next?

What changes can happen on Twitter

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has become the new owner of Twitter and he started the changes as soon as he takes charge of this social media company. As soon as he took control of the company, four top executives exited the company, including Indian-origin CEO (Chief Executive) Parag Agarwal and legal affairs executive Vijay Gadde. Twitter’s CEO was appointed after the resignation of founder Jack Dorsey. Along with this, Musk has indicated that there may be many more changes in Twitter in the future as well.

What will change once Musk comes under control

With Musk taking control of the company, the deal will proceed according to the terms. Investors will be given $54.2 per share for each of their shares. At the same time, Twitter will now move forward as a private company. In 2013, Twitter announced that it was a publicly traded company. That is, anyone can invest in it. However, now the company will be private i.e. the number of investors in it will be limited. With this, the company will not have to make more disclosures. According to foreign media, very little has happened when a publicly traded company has become private, so it will take time to see its effect. However, the freedom to release less information in the market than before will be a win-win for Musk.

Twitter will start layoffs

The departure of senior executives is just the beginning after Musk took control. Musk has already indicated that he will lay off a large number of layoffs at the company. This number can be up to 75 percent of the total workforce. The company has banned new appointments since May. On the other hand, Musk’s companies are already focused on artificial intelligence, and automation, so it is expected that the impact of automation and new technologies will increase on Twitter and many new options can be seen on Twitter in which human intervention is limited. These can be used to extend the platform with control over the content.

There will be a change in the operations of Twitter

If you remember, Musk ran the buyout with the belief that Twitter’s style of working was not right. That is, it is clear that Musk is going to bring a big change in the way he works. Its impact can be seen on Twitter’s operations in the short term. Musk advocated free speech, which means that it is clear that Twitter can introduce a new set of rules. Also, in the coming times, many high-profile accounts can also appear on the platform once again. Including a name like Trump.

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