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Diwali 2022: Diwali is a festival which calls for celebration. However, one cannot run away from the work. For some, festival means more work and we are so occupied working that we forget to buy gifts for our loved ones. In such a situation, there comes the need for last minute gifts which you might need now.

For an occasion like Diwali, we need things that match the festive mood. Thoughtful gifts always have a special place in our hearts, hence curating gifts with a personal touch is the best alternative when it comes to gifting our loved ones. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, let us take a look at the last minute gift ideas.

Ideas for last minute Diwali gifting


Plants are the most subtle and decent gifting options. Plants in different types of pots in different colors are a treat to the eye. There is a stunning collection of indoor and outdoor plants that come in beautiful pots available in the market. It is the most environmentally conscious gifting options.

Sweets and desserts

Diwali chocolate boxes are regular and boring. An assorted dessert basket with flowers sounds better and is a much better gifting idea. With more and more options available in the market, we have a hundred different options available in the market.

Chocolate dipped strawberries and cupcake basket decorated in colorful boxes and bouquets look beautiful and are available in the range of 1000-1200 in the market.

Décor items

Home décor is never out of fashion and is one of the most versatile gifting ideas. Instead of going for a regular bedside lamps, pick décor options that are meaningful. Dig deeper and you will find a perfect home décor for gifting as the market is full of variety of options.

Abstract art

A cool handmade or abstract painting that can compliment the walls of someone’s house and give a unique and artistic look is the best gift. This will prove that your gifting skills are not ordinary. They can be used all around the years and will beautify the interiors.

Coffee Maker

Gift the coffee enthusiasts with coffee maker so that they can prepare an ideal cup of coffee whenever and wherever they want.


Make someone eyes’ shine with the brilliant diamonds and gems and if the thought of purchasing diamonds makes you worry about your bank account scream, you may simply purchase fake jewellery.

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