Plastic Diwali lanterns sell like hot cakes in Pune


Diwali lanterns or ‘kandils’ have now become a part of our tradition. Many shops across the city can be seen selling these colourful and eye-catching lanterns.

According to lantern sellers in Pune, over the years, there was a progressive shift towards eco-friendly lanterns, but due to heavy rains this year, plastic lanterns are now selling like hot cakes.

“I have all kinds of lanterns, the ‘paramparik’ (traditional) octagonal ones, made out of bamboo and gelatin paper or with Paithani prints and other fancy ones. This year though, we did not bring many plastic-coated lanterns for sale but looking at the weather, people are asking for plastic ones,” said Kundan Raskar, a lantern seller on Kumthekar road.

Akshita Thosar, a lantern seller in Aundh, said, “Most people like the traditional lanterns made with cloth. But since last week, people are also asking for plastic-coated lanterns due to heavy rains in the last few days.”

Ankush Pawar, a resident of Baner, said, “Every year, I buy cloth lanterns, but I got two plastic lanterns this year. I have put them up on my balcony. They don’t tear easily, and I can reuse them next year.”

Sarika Oswal prefers the MDF, DIY lanterns. “These lanterns last longer and keep the family members occupied in putting it together during Diwali. But there are several plastic skeleton ones which are also sturdy, but our family prefers jute lanterns, which we hang on a covered balcony.”

Gauri Deshpande’s family prefers to make one at home. “We prefer to go eco-friendly, but if we don’t find anything to our liking, we make one at home.”

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