Air Pollution May Cause Severe Health Problems In Newborns, Younglings; What To Do


As Diwali inches closer, the amount of air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. From vehicles to firecrackers to electrical appliances at home, innumerable factors contribute to this increase. Household pollution can cause newborns to face health issues.

The World Health Organisation says that more than 90% of the world’s children breathe toxic air every day and pregnant women who inhale polluted air can give birth prematurely and have small and low birth-weight children. Air pollution also impacts neurodevelopment and cognitive ability and can trigger asthma and childhood cancer.

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Due to such acute health problems, pregnant women and newborns must be taken good care of with precautions in place. Here are some steps to ensure pregnant women are healthy, and newborns do not face any health problems due to air pollution:

Keep in mind that during pregnancy, pregnant women need to stay extra cautious to protect their newborns from pollution. Avoid staying out for long hours during pregnancy and always carry a mask with you. Do not come in contact with people who smoke and ensure you have an air purifier at home.

Whether it is a newborn child or a youngling, children of all ages need to stay hydrated. Newborn babies cannot consume water, and therefore, it is important to breastfeed them every 2 hours. Whenever you feel that your child’s lips are getting dry, apply moisturiser to their lips. Make sure that older children drink at least -7 glasses of water every day to ensure that they stay hydrated.

Newborn babies are completely dependent on their mothers for everything and if the mother is healthy, the newborn will also stay well-nourished. To avoid the adverse effects of pollution, moms need to have a good immune system. A healthy diet, exercise and staying protected from air pollution can help immensely help with boosting the immune system. Add turmeric, basil and honey to your diet to see the positive effects they have on the immune system.

Use face masks as they can help with filtering air before you inhale. Both mother and child are advised to wear them to protect them from air pollution in case they head out.

Moreover, face masks are also necessary to avoid any airborne diseases for the child and the mum.

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