People who live alone often fall ill, know how loneliness weakens your immunity

We all feel alone at some point of time in life. But sometimes we get away from our loved ones just because of the distance and cannot meet. For example in Kovid people were separated from each other and could not meet for a long time. This is the reason that after Kovid-19, mental health problems were seen in many people. But did you know that loneliness affects not only your mental health, but your physical health as well? Yes, experts believe that loneliness increases your health problems by weakening your immunity.

If you too are feeling lonely for a few days and are getting sick very often these days, then understand that these two factors are related to each other. It has also been revealed in many studies that loneliness can affect your immunity.

So let’s know what is the relationship between loneliness and immunity

If you’re alone, you’re likely to produce more inflammation-related proteins in response to stress, according to research presented at The Ohio State University. Inflammation is linked to a number of health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

People who are lonely have more stress. The stress caused by loneliness can activate the adrenocortical system, also known as the “flight and fight” response. This response is useful in fighting a real threat, but it can be harmful if activated continuously over time.

Therefore, loneliness makes us vulnerable to many external infections, as our immunity starts to weaken.

kamzor immunity bhi iske liye zimmedar ho sakti hai
Weak immunity can also be responsible for this. Image: Shutterstock

It can affect your heart health

A 2012 Harvard study suggests that middle-aged adults who deal with the stress caused by loneliness increase their risk of dying from heart disease by 24% in the future. The increased level of stress hormones increases the accumulation of cholesterol in the heart.

Not only this, loneliness increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure. Due to which the heart muscle has to work even harder, due to which the circulatory system slows down. The blood flow created in this process causes great damage to the blood vessels.

3. Depression caused by loneliness

A research conducted by the University of Chicago suggests that when you feel lonely, you are also depressed. In a lonely person, cortisol and other stress-related hormones become activated and cause depression. Due to which the immunity also becomes weak.

demetia and isolation
Working out also keeps you mentally active. Picture ; shutterstock

4. It Affects Your Eating Habits

Research shows that when you eat alone, you are more likely to eat unhealthy. When you eat for someone and with someone else, you create a more nutritious meal that includes a variety of foods.

A study published in the journal, Health Psychology, reported that people who are lonely are more likely to be physically inactive and skip more meals.

so what can be the solution

If you’re feeling lonely, try to focus on some physical activity. This will improve your mood. Try to do things you love, like painting, if you love dancing, join a dance class, and you’ll also get new friends. Try to write down your feelings. Writing helps in understanding oneself and also keeps the mind light. You will feel better by doing this.

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