For fitness and smartness, remove these 3 myths related to diet today


We want to lose weight, but due to lack of information, we choose a particular diet., Due to this, not only does our weight decrease, but on the contrary, it has a bad effect on health. There are also some myths about healthy weight loss in relation to weight control. Here too, due to not getting the right opinion of experts, we also start following such things, which are not right for health. But we stop consuming them considering them as obesity enhancers. Or start consuming only the name.

Let us know about some such myths, which we used to believe to be weight gainers.

Myth 1: Ghee increases weight

Fact: Whenever we make any plan for weight management, first of all we exclude ghee from our diet. We think that ghee increases weight.

H Barun Sharma of Banaras Hindu University, Sonia Vyas of Rajasthan University of Health and Somen Manna of Safdarjung Hospital conducted research on ghee on young Indians in urban areas. Based on this, those people concluded that if cow’s ghee is consumed in a balanced amount, then it not only reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, but also controls weight.

Ghee is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 reduces fat, which makes the body lean. Experts found that ghee creates energy by helping to burn fat cells for energy.

Myth 2: Not eating rice reduces obesity

Fact: In the year 2018, the team of Japanese researcher Kimi Sawada, Yukari Takemi researched more than 500 Japanese workers for a year continuously. He used to eat rice every day.

From this it was concluded that the starch present in rice helps in increasing obesity.

If low starch ie brown rice or multigrain rice is consumed, it reduces obesity. Being high in fiber, it keeps the stomach full for a long time.

brown rice
Brown rice is beneficial for health, Image : Shutterstock

But taking rice once in a day and in balanced quantity gives benefit only.

Myth 3: Eating curd daily reduces obesity

Fact: According to the research report of ICMR, the calcium present in curd helps in controlling the body mass index. Yogurt also contains protein, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin 12.

Being a prebiotic, it also keeps the digestive system healthy. Eating curd can also reduce weight and increase weight.

aap bhi dahi ke sath milkaar khaen ye chizen
The calcium present in curd helps in controlling the body mass index. Picture ; shutterstock

If curd of full cream milk is eaten daily, it increases weight.

If toned milk curd is eaten daily then it will help in weight loss.

Do not consume cold or sour curd.

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