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Indian telecom giants have started rolling out 5G internet services in key cities across India and with that, the excitement around 5G is also gaining the attention of smartphone users. It may be recalled that Airtel has already launched its internet services in eight cities. Airtel has said that its customers need not change/replace their SIM cards to upgrade to 5G from 4G or 3G services. Airtel has also listed smartphones that support 5G services provided by the telecom giant. 

While Indian smartphone users are keen to browse their internet and experience 5G, scammers have sensed their excitement and using new methods to trick people into scheming. 

The scammers are now sending text/WhatsApp messages and emails to smartphone users asking them to upgrade to 5G. Through these messages or emails, they are sending malicious links to the users urging them to click/tap on them to upgrade to 5G. Once a user clicks on the link, the link downloads or installs malware into the smartphone without the consent/knowledge of the smartphone users. 

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This malware then helps the cybercriminals/hackers or scammers to connect with your device and steal sensitive information like bank account details, passwords and OTPs. Clicking on any unknown and suspicious links may prove lethal for your financial health. Experts have time and again advised people not to click on any short URL or suspicious link received from unknown sources. 

“Never click on any unknown link. Don’t get trapped in prize and lottery scams. Pay attention to the language of the message, usually, it’s incorrect,” warned Faridabad Police while appealing to people to call on 1930 in case they become a victim of cybercrime. 

It may be noted that 5G services will be rolled out across India by 2024 and users don’t need to click on any link to get 5G. They need to visit the mobile network setting in their smartphones and select 5G/4G as their preferred network to experience high-speed internet.

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