Survey: 78 madrasas not affiliated to Madrasa Board in Prayagraj


At least 78 unregistered madrasas have been found to be functioning in Prayagraj during the recent survey carried out by the minority welfare department and district administration officials. Report regarding details of madrasas along with their financial sources will soon be forwarded to the state government as mandated.

The survey of unregistered madrasas was started after September 15 following instructions from the state government. A team of officials from different departments along with the district minority department, carried out the survey of all madrasas in Prayagraj division. Number of students, facilities given to them, courses and other details were collected from the registered and unregistered madrasas.

After the survey, officials found that in Prayagraj 269 madrasas were affiliated to Madrasa Board while 78 of them have no affiliation to any board. Total number of students in all madrasas was found to be 56,303.

The second highest number of madrasas was found to be running in Pratapgarh district. Here, madrasas with affiliation to Madrasa Board are 160 while those with no affiliation are 81 in Pratapgarh district. The total number students here are 15,982.

In Fatehpur district, officials found 111 madrasas affiliated to Madrasa Board while 38 of them were non-affiliated. Total number of children studying in different madrasas in Fatehpur was found to be 21,022.

In Kaushambi district, 85 madrasas were affiliated to Madrasa Board while 18 of them were running without any affiliation. Number of students in all madrassa in Kaushambi was 6,348.

A report of the survey and its details were forwarded to the divisional commissioner by the minorities welfare department on Thursday.

District minority officer in Prayagraj, Krishna Murari, said 78 madrasas were found to be running without affiliation to Madrasa Board in Prayagraj. The survey details have been forwarded to the senior officials, he added.

Officials said that survey and identification of unregistered madrasas will continue in coming days.

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